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Part 1: Prologue



It all goes back to his earliest memories, long before the great Ark’s ever arrived. It was like any other ordinary day for a young boy. Wake up, mom is making breakfast and helps Bealin off to school. But this would turn out to be one day of school that Bealin would never forget. During second recess all of Bealin’s friends decided they no longer wanted to be his friend, and they surrounded him with the intention of beating him up. Bealin was just standing there, in the middle of this circle not sure what was going to happen. Then one of the kids came from behind and knocked Bealin down on to his hands and knees, and held him there by laying on his back. Then another kid from in front started coming towards Bealin motioning that he was going to kick him in the face while he is down on his hands and knees. It was these split seconds before impact when something deep inside took over, some might just say it was adrenaline, but Bealin knew this was something else, something deeper, something more frightening. In this moment Bealin caught the foot of the attacker, placed one hand behind the heel, and the other pushed on the knee to knock him down. Then reached back and grabbed the kid on his back and threw him off. The moment Bealin stood up the other kids knew they made a huge mistake and all ran off. The boy that got thrown off Bealin’s back however only managed to get up on his knees, when Bealin began kicking the boy in the back over and over again, and after the seventh kick Bealin was able to regain control of himself and stopped kicking the boy. Now Breathing very heavily, with a feeling of such rage and strength, trying to determine what just happened, Bealin quietly walked away realizing any friends he may have had are now gone. This was the first time Bealin truly felt alone in the world, but it was also the first time that his inner darkness has ever surfaced.


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