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Once upon a spaceship dreary...

So, this is what happened to my people. Well, this is the end state, anyway. Still have yet to determine what actually happened here.


Priority One - Sustained Operational Stability


Once Leroy the Most Amazingest SalvageBot Ever (official title pending) and I get this...catastrophe secured, I will most definitely have to do some gumshoe work and figure out Why this huge awesome ship is now in bits and pieces. I send Leroy to get the big bits of this chunk cleaned and cleared while I start getting the bodies (what's left, anyway) set off to the side. Is this what happens when we die? The flesh rots but the essence of our difference stands the test of time. Maybe the technocrats were right. Flesh is weak. (Yarg looks at Leroy with a sense of envy.)


Many of the systems have taken serious damage, apparently collateral as there is still residual energy flowing thru a few systems. Got my work cut out for me, here.


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