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Engineering Log- star date unknown





Sam just got me to join this crew of miss fits when I made it to engineering I started my normal scans of the hull this ship maybe old but it is in great condition its strange to see that. went digging threw the had drives found junk but i'm not sure what type so I will save it for now. Engines seam to be in great condition as well we have a gravity well for the engines.


DAY 1 personal notes

The captain sent me and Sam to talk to the station manager I think she wanted me on shore leave to stop my tail from hitting anymore of her things. The station manager had no real work for us but they need more food and metals to make repairs. Also I felt somewhat insulted by her, she said that she didn't want to let me touch any part of her station but she did give me a good explanation why.


DAY 2-4

While we are on 5 day trip I decided to see if the ship had some sort of v.i. or a.i. that could help with jobs on the ship I didn't find anything.


DAY 2-4 personal notes

To tell you the truth I had no clue what I was looking when for the v.i/a.i. but I will find it one day. on a side note on all of this i got some good sleep while we where going threw that gate



We have arrived at the Procyon system I saw Sam run a few scans and I got to help with it we found nothing and the asteroid belt was just as bad.


DAY 5 personal notes

Tucker over shot the gate by 5 days all I have to say about that is what the fuck


DAY 6-7

Nothing in engineering has happened yet so I guess the ship must be in really good condition seance we made a first jump threw the gates with no problem at all.


DAY 6-7 personal notes

On this jump I have nothing to do I have to much pent up energy i'm bouncing off the walls


DAY 8-9

Engineering is still all clear


DAY 8-9 personal notes

I'm going crazy I hope none of the other crew mates sees that.


DAY 10

We just got out of the gate jump engineering is still all good and I tried to find the v.i/a.i. with still no success


DAY 10 personal notes

I am soooo happy to be out of warp my mind is just wound so tight that I can't sleep all that well I think I am starting to twitch I think that might be a bad sign.

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