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Farewell to Memories

Greetings Defiance Colleagues,


Its been several months since my last blog on 47th.info and there has been so many changes over the past three months. I have been stopping by The Crater off and on since my last blog but nothing has ever turned out on my last report on Blueblood's trip to visit the Pied Piper. I was stopping by The Crater daily, then slowed down to every other day and now I'm lucky to log in once a week. Nothing, nobody had any information. I rarely see any legionnaires around and haven't seen them in formation in weeks. I'm surrounded by all new faces when I stop into The Crater and nobody knows nothing.


Just the other night, while tipping back on some monarch juice, it dawned on me that I haven't heard the hammer drop on the pin of a wolfhound in months, nor I have I heard the clicks of an empty clip on a Tach Mag Pulser. As much as I cared less about VBI's monopoly on weapons, I found myself thinking about the past. All these new weapons make me have to say farewell to the past.



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yeah .. the vision of defiance is  great, but their ability to evolve instead of re-start every few weeks is not :( ... I promise that I'll be back to defiance next summer ( on condition that my shoulder will be fixed by that date ... it's not so far) ... and we could show those guys thing or two  :D

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I think they achieved what they were going for. They shot to do something that no one had ever done before; merge a game with a tv show with story merging.


Yes they could have added better DLCs with better content, fixed bugs more frequently, and listened to the gaming audience more frequently, but I think they merely shot to prove that games could have an impact on a community other than the stereotypical gamers.


I am glad to have seen the project succeed to an extent and have been lucky to have gotten to be a part of a new idea. All in all I am proud of what  they tried to accomplish and what they did accomplish. I don't think they failed, because I truly believe that you only fail if you give up.


Your first steps are always the hardest to make, but we can't crawl forever.

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I'd be interested in a few ops to see how the dlcs work out and if adds any new excitement in the game. I did and still do enjoy to play it. If it was a bit more evolved like fallen earth with a huge world like that it really would go from good to great IMO.

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