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Angel - Continued from The Decoy Experiment



It was the next day I saw Blue stroll into The Crator with his roller all covered in mud. I greeted him at that the steps of the patio with a hand shake and some top shelf monarch juice in the other and asked if he had a good night. He said, Yeah I needed to let off some steam. Angel and I used to go up on Mount Tam, get a little mud on the tires, and watch the ark-falls pass overhead. My suspicion of the two was beginning more than just friends was becoming more clear. I asked, what is up with you and Angel? He replied with a devilish grin and said nothing just friends. I laughed...and asked, I thought you were a poker player Blue? He started laughing too and said, I got a deck of cards, Come get some!


We sat down at the bar and I ordered another round. By the way blue, I did some research last night. I dug up some interesting information that may be of interest to you. Blue replied, Oh yeah? What do you got? I replied, well your story last night reminded me of a video file I pulled off a hailer on a dead EMC trooper back a few months ago. The first time I saw it, I didn't think much of it. I thought it was just camera tricks. As I handed Blue the hailer I said, I wonder if your friend* is still alive. Blue replied, What? Let me see that hailer and watched the file.





I could tell Blue was amazed by the video, but he quickly made the comment, what makes you think that is Angel. The file is dated 2012. What do you think she got sent back in time? I informed Blue, well there are reports of Von Bach experimenting with a pair of certain artifacts and enabling them to jump back through time. You should ask Nolan what he thinks about his daughter Irisa and time jumping.


Blue pondered for a few minutes and said, well she always loved saving people, so I can see her making the best out of any situation. You know that is why I lean towards medic load outs for tactical missions. He then asked me where I found the hailer. I told him, of all places Angel's Island. He then stood up and said I'm going to have to find Nolan and pay a visit to the piper.


As Blue was leaving, I saw him texting something into his hailer. I tried reading what he was typing but could only make out a few numbers 94.1. I could only imagine what he was going to do to the piper if he found him. Blue lit up the throttle on his buggy and tore out of the lot. As the dust was settling, a new song came over KTAM - Hmmm



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