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4th Delta



Thunderclaps smacked across the landscape and the occasional flash of lightning threatened to expose the crawling trooper. "Fuckin' A..!" the man mentally cursed as he pulled himself across a fallen log. It had taken him 45 minutes just to get up the hill. He was way behind the schedule and he knew it. Fourth Delta was moving in and he was not in position. The unexpected bandit camp he encountered had cost him valuable time and put him behind the eight ball. His squad was on the move and had no overwatch...


Five minutes later, he reached his assigned spot and laid his rifle upon the soaking wet ground. A quick look through the scope confirmed his worst expectations... Fourth Delta was engaging the enemy and he was too late. Biker and Dragon both were engaged in hand to hand with the sentries. Djinfyre, with blade in hand, moved in to assist his squad leader. "Get him Jeannie.." the soldier thought as he scanned the area. It didn't take long for the two of them to made short work of the poor bastard.


Biker had his situation under control as well..wrapping his arm around his targets throat, he slide his blade deep within the bandits vital parts. The man twitched several time before finally passing on to the great beyond. "Jesus tits Margret..!" the man thought as he spotted the Blaster upon the roof. His first target moved to the railing and pulled the rpg he carried up to his shoulder. CRACK... sounded across the battlefield momentarily before the enemy executed a half flip across the railing and fell to the ground. "About time.." quipped Biker as he moved to his next target.


A second blaster ran across the platform and started to draw a beed upon Dragon and Djinfyre. "Not today bitch!" muttered the sniper as he sent a round down range. "Damn, I love my job!".. the man thought immediately after the tangos head exploded. "Glad to see you decide to join the fight!" Dragon said. "Sorry boss.. was on a soda run!.."Brutus replied.


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