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Legendary ark fall hunter - aka Blueblood

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Farewell to Memories

Greetings Defiance Colleagues,


Its been several months since my last blog on 47th.info and there has been so many changes over the past three months. I have been stopping by The Crater off and on since my last blog but nothing has ever turned out on my last report on Blueblood's trip to visit the Pied Piper. I was stopping by The Crater daily, then slowed down to every other day and now I'm lucky to log in once a week. Nothing, nobody had any information. I rarely see any legionnaires around and haven't seen them in formation in weeks. I'm surrounded by all new faces when I stop into The Crater and nobody knows nothing.


Just the other night, while tipping back on some monarch juice, it dawned on me that I haven't heard the hammer drop on the pin of a wolfhound in months, nor I have I heard the clicks of an empty clip on a Tach Mag Pulser. As much as I cared less about VBI's monopoly on weapons, I found myself thinking about the past. All these new weapons make me have to say farewell to the past.



It was the next day I saw Blue stroll into The Crator with his roller all covered in mud. I greeted him at that the steps of the patio with a hand shake and some top shelf monarch juice in the other and asked if he had a good night. He said, Yeah I needed to let off some steam. Angel and I used to go up on Mount Tam, get a little mud on the tires, and watch the ark-falls pass overhead. My suspicion of the two was beginning more than just friends was becoming more clear. I asked, what is up with you and Angel? He replied with a devilish grin and said nothing just friends. I laughed...and asked, I thought you were a poker player Blue? He started laughing too and said, I got a deck of cards, Come get some!


We sat down at the bar and I ordered another round. By the way blue, I did some research last night. I dug up some interesting information that may be of interest to you. Blue replied, Oh yeah? What do you got? I replied, well your story last night reminded me of a video file I pulled off a hailer on a dead EMC trooper back a few months ago. The first time I saw it, I didn't think much of it. I thought it was just camera tricks. As I handed Blue the hailer I said, I wonder if your friend* is still alive. Blue replied, What? Let me see that hailer and watched the file.





I could tell Blue was amazed by the video, but he quickly made the comment, what makes you think that is Angel. The file is dated 2012. What do you think she got sent back in time? I informed Blue, well there are reports of Von Bach experimenting with a pair of certain artifacts and enabling them to jump back through time. You should ask Nolan what he thinks about his daughter Irisa and time jumping.


Blue pondered for a few minutes and said, well she always loved saving people, so I can see her making the best out of any situation. You know that is why I lean towards medic load outs for tactical missions. He then asked me where I found the hailer. I told him, of all places Angel's Island. He then stood up and said I'm going to have to find Nolan and pay a visit to the piper.


As Blue was leaving, I saw him texting something into his hailer. I tried reading what he was typing but could only make out a few numbers 94.1. I could only imagine what he was going to do to the piper if he found him. Blue lit up the throttle on his buggy and tore out of the lot. As the dust was settling, a new song came over KTAM - Hmmm



Well I decided to see if Blue was a man of his words so I went to the Crater the next evening. As I sat and waited I pondered on a few things on what VBI could be doing. A few hours passed and just when the skitterling bug juice started to warm me up, I heard a rumble from down the road.




Low and behold it was The 47th marching up the hill and into the Crater. I sat there and thought about what Blue said last night. I figured I would have to buy four or five drinks but the line of Legionaries coming over the hill kept growing. 10-15-20-25-30 plus moving in formation. I couldn't help but think what Cable told me about Blue. He just made me spend 10k script in drinks. As they neared, Cavadus congratulated everyone and informed them their first round was on Blue if they wanted to chill on the patio. Most Legionaries went on other missions or laughed about some tentacles, only a few decided to hang out.




Blue sat down beside me smiled and said. I bet you thought you were going to buy a stacko load of drinks didn't you? I laughed and gave him thanks for giving me a scare. Blue asked me how much do you know about ego powers. I replied I know the basic four and he replied good. I'll keep my promise to you and tell you a little more about when VBI was developing the decoy ego.




Well my friend Angel, Peter Nardone, and I were on a team led by Colonel Hampton Gretch aka. Hammerhead. Hammerhead and Von Bach experimented with crossing EMC and Votan technology in attempts to enable warping to your decoy. VBI successfully developed the tech to fast travel to a beacon but couldn't ever harness the power requirements needed to rematerialize a human without the assistance of a way point machine in that location. With Von Bach's experience in Votan technology and EMC having unlimited access to test dummies - I.E. EMC troops, they figured out how to teleport to your decoy. One key part was a special formula on redistributing power consumption and rematerializing certain human characteristics in a particular order, they could achieve jumps in short distances. All was going well until several subjects started suffering from migraines and delusions of grandeur. Peter, one of the more noteable subjects, developed an empathy for hell bugs and some said he could actually talk to them.




Hammerhead, wanting to impress Von Bach, started side experiment with increased travel distance. He developed a new "Eagle" implant the incorporated experimental processors that operated outside of the normal frequencies that in theory would handle the power load needed to generate the distance jump. Angel successfully implanted the upgrade and easily completed a 20m jump. Hammerhead wanted to go all in and said go for 40 meters. This time Angela disappeared but but never rematerialized. Vanished into thin air. Von Bach found out about the test and hardcapped the decoys distance and declared the project a success. Nothing was ever said again about the loss of subjects and side effects of the project.




Blue then paused for a few minutes. I wanted to inquire more but I can tell something was eating at him. I offer my apologies for the loss of his friend. I started to think...Madera has an Angel's Island, maybe that's where the name came from and why Blue would always drift away when talking about Madera. Before I got to ask another question, Blue stood up and walked out the door. Later that night I overheard a few radio channels about some Legionaries rallying up on Blueblood on Mount Tam for some cliff jumping. I figured he was letting off some steam and went about my business. I knew I would catch up to him again.


First Appearances

This story is about a legendary arkfall hunter that I met the other night while hanging out at The Crater. It was a warm summer evening, the wind was coming out of the bay from the south. The raiders have been calm and Volge were nowhere to be found. As I walked into the bar, I noticed a few usual suspects that call themselves Legionaries. Kbob was his usual self , bunny hoping around and buying every legendary weapon that came through the door. Strydor spending his script on the new companion that just started last week, Dragonsoul flipping through the music sheets and putting requests in on K-TAM. Cable and Blueblood educating this poor cat Fei on gambling script. I'm sure those two had Fei's best intrests in mind. I.E. his script.


Before the door shut behind me I notice a small arkfall hit the hillside just above the Crater. A few legionaries sprinted out the door in search of that new arktech. Strikeman, Bealin, Blueblood, Biker, Pyro and his hoes where the first ones out the door. I went over to the other games area and asked Cable whats up with Blue wearing his hat on backwards? He replied that's just Blue being Blue. Hes a pretty cool cat. He knows his stacko when it comes to gambling but doesn't open up that much. Well unless you get him drinking a few.




After the arkfall, Blue returned and I sat down with him and had a few rounds. We conversed about The 47th, sports, weapon mods, best spots to jump vehicles, and even shared fishing stories. I have a hard time believing he fished out an orange challenger at crystal pond but will give him credit.


The one thing that caught my attention was his hesitation to talk about Madera area. He would always pause or drift away when we talked about places in that area. It was obvious something was on his mind.




I couldn't help but ask him what where you thinking about when Madera came up during our conversation. Right about then he put his hand up to his ear and I could hear some kind of message from Cavadus about a road march tomorrow night. Blue looked at me and said tha'ts what what I was thinking about. I laughed and asked the road march? He smiled and said no. My ego implant.




I had to pause and think why EGO implants have to do with Madera? Von Bauch, is based out of top notch but that is Marin? I motioned Rosie over and told her keep the drinks coming. I told her there on me. I looked at Blue and asked, Okay, What do you have against VBI? All you arkhunters have those implants. Blue tilted his head and knocked back a shot and slammed his glass down onto the bar and said save your script for tomorrow. If you buy a round for my fellow legionaries after our OPS night. Ill let you know one of those secrets VBI doesn't want you to know.