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Bealin The Badlands Drifter

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Part 3: Deployment

Well the time has come, Bealin's platoon has received their orders and will be shipping out in the morning. This will be the unit's first mission and one Bealin will have a very hard time trying to forget.


Army intelligence received intel on a high priority target, a very high ranking official has been kidnapped and is being held hostage in a remote location in Afghanistan. Bealin's unit is to extract the target, and eliminate all hostiles on site. Stealth is a major factor in this mission, if any alarms are raised they may kill the target before extraction. This will be a night time raid, with night vision being utilized, as well as weapon suppressors in case firearms are required. The unit will be dropped a few miles from the location and will proceed on foot. There is no information about what to expect at this compound, the number of hostiles is unknown and the exact location of the target is unknown. Once the unit has located and secured the target they will be able to call in gunship support for extraction.


0500 hits and the unit starts to prepare for their first mission, none of them knowing what it will be or where they are going. As they will not be given any details until they are en route to the mission objective. So the unit preps all their gear and heads out to the plane for deployment. While flying to Afghanistan the unit is briefed on their orders and what is required of them for this missions success. They are given some rough schematics of the compounds infrastructure to plan their approach and discuss options. Army intelligence has offered up the best possible locations they are holding the target, so these will be the first areas to check.


The unit arrives in Afghanistan at the army HQ base, from here they will be escorted to their drop off location with helicopters, the extraction gunships will be prepped and ready for the call, they will escort to the drop location where they will wait for extraction orders. The unit has 5 hours until the mission begins, they will use this time to work out any further mission details and ease any concerns unit members have.


The mission begins at 0100....


Part 4: The Mission

The team assembles and gets on the chopper ready for mission deployment, the time is 0100, and the choppers are on their way to the drop zone. En route to the drop location the team looks at each other, reassuring themselves and their brothers in arms that they are ready for whatever comes. An hour later they arrive at the drop location, the choppers land and the team departs towards their mission objective. The choppers will remain at this location until they receive the extraction order from the team.


The team has now reached the compound, a well fortified stone fortress, surrounded by very high stone walls, and made up of stone carved structures, which make it difficult to penetrate with satellites to detect heat signatures. The team carefully planning their route now with the hostiles they can see. There are 2 guards at the entrance, 2 of the team members will get into position near the entrance to remove the bodies of the 2 guards, while the other 2 team members take them out from a distance. The team makes their way into the compound and approaches the nearest building, from here they will proceed indoors to their first objective. They need to get to the communications room and disable their systems, this way no alarms can be set off. As the team makes its way through the structures towards the communications room they encounter no resistance, a strange sensation goes through Bealin's stomach, like a bad gut feeling that something isn't right. The team arrives at the comm room only to find it has already been cleared out or moved, "something is definitely wrong here", Bealin replies. Then they hear a voice coming from a megaphone in the compound square, "Hello American Soldiers, I know you are here and I have what your looking for. But if you want him alive you will have to surrender to us." The team begins to panic, as this is their first mission and nobody had planned for this scenario. This group knew they were coming, how could they have known. The team quietly makes their way to a window to see what is going on in the square. The hostage is on his knees in front of the man with the megaphone, who is surrounded by several dozen well armed men. Bealin says to the team, "That one with the megaphone looks quite odd, I've never seen anyone like that, silver/white long hair, very pale skin, and those clothes, like nothing I've ever seen before." The man with the megaphone then speaks again, "Since you have come all this way for this, useless excuse for a human being, let me make this much easier......*pulls out a shiny metal handle, which then produces a very bright glowing blue like blade of some sort*, for me that is.....*then slices off the hostages head*, ha ha ha ha!!, now FIND THEM and KILL THEM ALL!" The few dozen well armed men then start screaming and running towards all the buildings in search of the team.


"What the fuck was that!", says one of the team.


"I ain't ever seen shit like that before, who the hell is this guy?!", says another.


Bealin replies, "Shit he just killed our objective, we need to get the fuck out of here, call in the gunships immediately!"


The radioman tries to contact the gunships, but receives no response, either the transmission is being jammed, or they are no longer there. "No go sir, I can't contact them, we are on our own".


Bealin replies, "Move out men, head back the way we came in, kill anything that moves, go go go!"


The team then begins to make their way back the way they came in, coming into contact with hostiles at every turn. All of a sudden the team is under fire from behind, Bealin yells, "Take cover!", the team splits off left and right, however the man taking up the rear never moves, he was killed as soon as the first shots came in from the rear. The team is now under heavy fire on two fronts, seemingly trapped in their current location. Bealin then orders the two men on the right side, "Each of you take a grenade out, throw 1 in each direction, after the boom we head out the way we were going, on 3.....3,2,1, go go go!" The two men toss their grenades, wait for the boom, then the first man heads out, followed by Bealin, then the 3rd man. They make it a few rooms closer to the buildings exit, which is then a good 30 feet from the only way in or out of the compound. The first man peeks out the door really quick to scout the area, just as he pulls himself back in a grenade lands at his feet, he yells "Grenade! and jumps on it to protect the other 2 men, *BOOM!*", Bealin yells, "Pull back this way is blocked, we gotta find another way out!", as they pull back Bealin toss's a grenade back at the entrance to collapse it and prevent anyone from coming in the way. They head back to the next room, and just as they enter they are hit with a volley of bullets from the adjacent doorway. The man in front of Bealin is hit and falls back onto Bealin pinning him on the ground. Bealin's sees the men approaching, feels up to his dead comrades chest, grabs a grenade, pulls the pin and toss's it towards the approaching men, *BOOM!*. he rolls his dead team mate off of him, gets back to his feet, checks his ammo, grabs the clips and remaining grenades from his now dead friends corpse. Then says to himself, "I need to get to high ground, and possibly scale this damn wall to get out of here". Bealin then begins to look for the nearest roof access, he heads back to the comm room, there must be a ladder to the roof there for antenna access. Once Bealin gets to the comm room, he see's this pale man with the glowing blue blade standing there, as if he expected him to show up. Without any hesitation the pale man lunges towards Bealin, swinging the blue blade from above his head, Bealin reacts and puts his rifle in front as if to block it, the blade slices right through the gun like it was nothing. Bealin then quickly grabs his sidearm, and puts a few rounds into the pale man's chest as he falls back onto the ground. The pale man falls onto his knees, struggling to speak or stand. Bealin gets up and approaches him, then says "Who are you? What are you? Why did you do this?", the pale man simply replies, "I am only the beginning, for the end is on its way". He then starts to laugh as he falls over and dies. Bealin then makes a break for the ladder to the roof, gets out on the roof, then scales the large stone wall to get out of the compound. Where he then proceeds to make his way back to the landing zone in hopes of extraction.


Once Bealin arrives at the landing zone all he finds is what used to be 3 choppers, in nothing but smoking piles of ash, he replies, "This was a setup from the get go, I will find out who did this, and they will pay!".


Part 1: Prologue

It all goes back to his earliest memories, long before the great Ark’s ever arrived. It was like any other ordinary day for a young boy. Wake up, mom is making breakfast and helps Bealin off to school. But this would turn out to be one day of school that Bealin would never forget. During second recess all of Bealin’s friends decided they no longer wanted to be his friend, and they surrounded him with the intention of beating him up. Bealin was just standing there, in the middle of this circle not sure what was going to happen. Then one of the kids came from behind and knocked Bealin down on to his hands and knees, and held him there by laying on his back. Then another kid from in front started coming towards Bealin motioning that he was going to kick him in the face while he is down on his hands and knees. It was these split seconds before impact when something deep inside took over, some might just say it was adrenaline, but Bealin knew this was something else, something deeper, something more frightening. In this moment Bealin caught the foot of the attacker, placed one hand behind the heel, and the other pushed on the knee to knock him down. Then reached back and grabbed the kid on his back and threw him off. The moment Bealin stood up the other kids knew they made a huge mistake and all ran off. The boy that got thrown off Bealin’s back however only managed to get up on his knees, when Bealin began kicking the boy in the back over and over again, and after the seventh kick Bealin was able to regain control of himself and stopped kicking the boy. Now Breathing very heavily, with a feeling of such rage and strength, trying to determine what just happened, Bealin quietly walked away realizing any friends he may have had are now gone. This was the first time Bealin truly felt alone in the world, but it was also the first time that his inner darkness has ever surfaced.


Part 2: Enlistment

It has been 8 years since the incident that brought something out in Bealin, he is 18 now and legally old enough to make some serious decisions for himself. Bealin finds himself standing outside of the army recruiting office, trying to decide if he should go in. He feels the army could provide him more control over himself, give him more confidence and provide him with the skills needed to keep the darkness at bay. After about an hour outside, a recruiting officer steps out and motions Bealin to come on in and talk. Bealin decides to go in and talk to the officer, perhaps this can help him decide what to do.


Recruiting Officer: “So I have been watching you standing out there for the last hour, looks like you’re putting some serious thought into joining up.”


Bealin: “Yes, it is not an easy choice to make. I am an only child and it would not be easy leaving my mother all by herself. My father passed away when I was very young, he died of cancer. So on one hand I feel it would be very good for me to enlist, however it may also be too much for my mother to bare.”


Recruiting Officer: “Well there is no reason for you to make this decision yourself, why not discuss it with your mother first?”


Bealin: “Because I am afraid she won’t want me to do it, even though it can really help me.”


Recruiting Officer: “I will tell you what, don’t make any decisions right away. I will give you some reading material and a DVD to watch, take these home, go over them, decide whether or not you want to include your mother in this decision and come back when you’re ready.”


Bealin: “Thanks, I will do that, I appreciate the advice. I will see you in a few days with a decision.”


Recruiting Office: “Take care.”


Well it is clear Bealin has some serious thinking to do, especially towards including his mother in this major decision. He takes all the material home and starts to read through it all. After he is done with all of the reading he looks at the DVD, then decides to talk to his mother about it, and watch the DVD with her. So they sit down and watch it together, then begin to discuss what he wants to gain out of doing this. Bealin explains everything to her as best he can, trying not to include the parts about the inner darkness he is hoping to keep hidden. His mother understands how it’s been hard for him growing up without a father around, and even though he does not require it, she gives him her consent to sign up, if this is what he truly wishes to do.


2 Days later Bealin finds himself back at the recruiter’s office, ready to sign up. The recruiter welcomes Bealin back and asks him if he has made a decision. Bealin tells him that his mother and he have both agreed this would be a good thing for him. So the recruiter begins the process and gets Bealin all registered up with the army. The next round of boot camp will begin in 3 weeks, so Bealin has until then to get everything at home in order before he is shipped off to boot camp.

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