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About this blog

This is the captains log of the events of the adventures. This keeps others that join in at different times updated.

Entries in this blog


As the broken static-y sound laced with a base metallic whoosh that overwhelmed my ears subsides, I'm left with silence. Eerie silence....suddenly I found myself trying to scream, but no sound came that I could hear. I looked around and saw nothing but could tell I was moving. I felt no breeze... heard no sounds...


"So this is what it is like to die," I thought, as the sudden realization hit me. I looked around and relaxed taking in the silence. After I listened for what seemed to be a long time, I began to think back about my life.


"Pretty sad existence I chose to incarnate in it seems. What was it that caused me to die I wonder...." as I closed my eyes. Images of my ship and crew throughout time came flashing into my head,.. all those little events that no one really too much notice of didn't seem so ordinary anymore. I smiled so broad it hurt.


My eyes sprung open, "wait, I thought to myself, I can't hurt if I'm dead" I thought to myself. I saw light coming from behind me and began to actually panic.


A slap of a firm grip took my arm, that jolted me in a terrific scare. just as my head jerked around I saw an odd lighted shape near me in the darkness that said,"I'm here Mother, wherever you go, I go...because I want to. You are family, and I see now." The dark shape pulled me closer and I recognized him in his assassin form.


I wanted to cry at the care I heard in his voice masked by the robotics. I held close to him as he wrapped his body around me wondering if he was going to stop. "If I am do die by a hand, I would rather it be yours" I thought to myself as I slammed my eyes shut tight overwhelmed and confused.


"I will protect you Mother, it will be okay. It's my turn to save you, like you did me so many times."


"So many times..." I thought confused again just as I was starting to sort things out. "I just bought a robot that I saw potential in and gave you the chance to make up your mind"


"It took many ordinary moments do that and more Mother."


"Right! I forgot I can communicate with him with my thoughts for some strange reason and told him, "That's what....


....Family is for," he finished.


Looking through the cracks between the parts that were holding me, "Do you know where....."


Laying down with 4 wounds screaming at me while I recover laying in a collapsed position not real condusive to being comfortable, but it felt good to lay there. Then I hear a softer version of Toby's voice near me, "Mother?"


"Yes?" I gently replied noting his different tone.


"Is it okay if I .... change... I think I can help you better. This one wants to help mother better"


I couldn't help but smile in my pain, my heart full that my friend is there with me while so much is going on outside my quarters. I didn't care. Things seemed grim, I was tired, bleeding, and part of me wanted to give up. The death pansie in my mind would be a relief.


"Yes, I would like that Toby, but you have to promise me something."


"Promises, I like to make them to you. I think I understand this biological thing of love a little, because I think of your needs, your wants, and your life all the time mother. And I think I understand why parts of me where taken out. I'm not like other robots am I Mother?"


"No, you are better than robots and biologicals, you are a true mix of both and that can be scary for biologicals because we fear what we don't understand... stupidly. Robots don't feel or fear at all. They might have identity, but they can't go beyond their programming and hardware. You have the strengths of both and no weaknesses of both from what I can tell and have observed. You can grow and I promise you somehow in some way, I will see that you get your potential, in this life or the next. I think that is why parts of you are missing. People feared you because they felt inferior due to ego, rather than try and understand you and love you."


"What is the promise you would like me to keep Mother?"


"That if you ever want to leave my side, that you will just ask with no hesitation. And if my body ceases to function, that you will plug in this headpiece into the ship, so that I can still live in some way through the ship. Though, I don't think this ship is as alive as it once was.. over time it seems to be dying but I'm not sure why. Maybe because no one tries to understand it. I know when people stopped trying to understand me, a part of me started dying too. I will leave that to your discretion though. If worse comes to worse, plug me into you, and I promise I will not harm you. I will just find a place to sit inside and let you live your life. If this head piece works like it's supposed to you should be able to plug it in anywhere and live within it in some way. But you know me pretty well now, you would know if I would wish to live in something or not. Promise me to never give up on me like others have you."


"I cannot give up on you mother, so it's an easy promise to make"


Reaching over with my hand, I softly rub Toby's head near the penecle of his pansie pot and UV lights. Chuckling inside. I can't help but think of the code word "death pansie". Suddenly, Toby changes from the unsuspecting looking wheeled bot form rising up to his tall full assasin form. He didn't look menacing to me, but it certainly was intimidating to everyone else. he didn't take a fighting stance like he normally does, he moved and seemed like someone normal.


"Your voice was different that time mother, are you okay?"


"Wait, you heard me? I just thought it"


"I don't know mother, I heard you but it sounded different"


Looking at him, I thought "What was it you wanted to do to help me now that you have changed?"


Toby retracts his blades and slides out a less menacing more blunt object that eventually splits into fingers. I watched in amazement and can't help but smile at discovering yet more about this new but old friend. As he pulls down the sheet and slides his hands and arms under my body and lifts me like I was crystal, I think to myself, "I can't help but wonder who made you"


"I don't know mother and I can't remember that earlier time before you saved me" he replies as he straightens my body out and properly lays me down on my bed.


Startled at the reply not used to the fact he can hear my thoughts. "you are going to get tired of hearing me now that you can hear my thoughts."


"No, I cannot get tired and I can only hear you, why is that?"


I don't know, how long have you been having this happen?"


"It started a few minutes ago"


"Then how do you know you can't hear others' thoughts?"


"Because I can hear the doc talking outside the doors at the med bay but I can't hear his thoughts, only you mother. But something interesting as you say happened too. Something brought my attention to one of the parts inside me when we were talking. It's very small, but I was listening to you and it seemed to start adjusting and working. I think it helped me listen with parts I don't see, feel, or understand yet. Someone made me with great precision mother."


"They certainly did my dear friend."


I watched Toby turn and go to my desk picking up my journal and pen. "But don't worry mother, I won't do everything you think without confirming. Biologicals have a lot of thoughts they don't really mean"


"Wise and definitely true words. Now we don't need the code name to change now do we. So if you hear it, make sure it's a trusted person with intentions you think I would want if I am not around or can't hear my thoughts. It may or may not last, but I have a feeling it will."


"Me too mother, would you like a distraction now?" as he extends the journal and pen toward me. "And you need water, I will get you some."


Reaching out to take the journal chuckling I say to him, "Yes, I would. I can't tell if this is an inconvenience or a gift this new ability you have tuned into."


As he walks toward the door, he tries to chuckle for the first time, "you will get used to it, don't fear mother, it's a weakness remember"


I burst into a full laugh with groans mixed in due to the wounds. And in peace I begin writing about what just happened.


"Things just got weirder than I ever thought possible and our trials are just beginning my dear friend." I thought.


As I begin to write, my eyes jolt wide as I hear a faint, "yes mother, I think you are correct" Shaking my head, I begin my entry,


"Somehow after I used the dimensional walk for the ship we ended up in some sort of dead space pocket. I guess I shouldn't have used the crystal. The amplification was too much. Lesson learned and it will be productive for the future strategies if we live though this. With 64 more crew members on board, food is going to run out fast. At least we could save that many from that horrible wreck of the ship with those damn seekers shooting at us. The ship is hurting bad and......


The pen starts sliding across the paper like a rebellious child sneaking off as I find sleep.


I can understand why that PL5 never had ships come back, though there is still something odd about that system we discovered going through the nebula. There was a red sun and one rotational terran with a moon. We navigated through the nebula avoiding charged areas that the scanners picked up. The nebula seemed to stop at a circumference a distance away from the red dwarf. The terran had a ring of lifeless dated ships and the only communication we could get out of the area was a recording of an old world phrase meaning death.


Augie was able to bring up a 3d hologram of the moon. A starship had rammed into it. When he tried to bring up one of the planet itself, Augie had one of those zappy-teleporty type episode and ended up as a hologram himself. After I tried to calm him down and gave him the idea to try and reverse the process and concentrate on things that happened just before. Well, it worked... sorta.


He got out of the hologram and ended up on top of the crates in the cargo bay with the automatic arm trying to graph and arrange him. I laughed, I couldn't help it. What a sight that was! He finally relaxed enough with coaxing and let the arm bring him down where it thought he should be.


We decided to land on the moon to see what we could find out. Upon landing, and after a short walk, I saw a long trench. Following it, we discovered a small fighter that had made a semi soft landing with a T'sa gripping a holographic image of a family. He had been there from the looks of things for quite some time. We decided to have Leroy tow the ship back to mine and put it in the cargo bay that was mostly empty. It had some rather interesting guns on the front of that thing that we had never seen before. Then we had a surprise.


The red dwarf was apparently active and a flare started. We raced back to the ship with the fighter in tow and took off as fast as possible. That flare too close behind we barely made it out of the gate in time, but we did. So here I am in drive space, thankful we made it and taking a little time for myself and Toby. I think he enjoys that time alone with me. He's full of questions and actually started a few conversations himself. I feel lucky about everything right now.


One thing bugs me though... why those ships and things on the planets weren't melted or burned in all those flares throughout time. Something isn't right there.


Into the Nebula


<<Toby enters his Captain’s quarters to tidy up. He walks over to the desk that the Captain sits often and picks up his pansies off his head and sits them down by the pansies on her desk in the left upper corner. He leaves a short moment and returns with a water container and waters the two sets of pansies. He notices that the blue flower still is doing well sitting on the opposite corner of the desk. He begins to move over to the other side to water that one when he notices the Captain’s journal open. In the flick of a digital eye he immediately reads the entire page but notices that the entries seem to be written from the center of the page in 4 directions rather than the traditional top to bottom, like they normally are and that they are older entries.


“That’s one of the things I love about you mother, you are rather different... I think this might be what you would call art.”


Taking note of the shapes, rather than caring about the words themselves, the first entry started at the top and tapered off to the center to a point and he wondered about it’s purpose of shape for the written word>>


<Entry> Getting down to business on this entry, I’m strapped for time. When we entered Ross, we had a receiving as a city hero would after rescuing the folks out of that fight/war between Star Mech and Insight. Star Mech treated us well and gave us a large reward of money, bounty licenses, and license to wear concealed weapons. Seamed rather odd they would think to give me an upgraded corporate bounty license that covers my entire crew, but I’m grateful. Though we are not in that type of business, it might just come in handy at some point. I made one decision though, I was going to stop by and talk with Mayor builderbuilt before heading to EL Cancri to see what his side of the story was.<End>



Then his eyes followed a logical pattern according to how language rules went, the second entry went in a different direction. The first line was written all the way across the height of the journal near the spine and tapered off at the center to a point. He noted the size of the entry being larger than the first to fill the space.


<Second Entry> When we arrived, he was not there and they addressed him now as Prime minister Builderbuilt and said he was in EL Cancri. Very odd indeed but somehow didn’t surprise me. I’m going to take the long way around to get there as opposed to going through. I know Sam and I never trusted the man, but something just isn’t right here between the two. Ross didn’t give us any information at all.... it’s all.... CLASSIFIED.


On the up side of things, for some odd reason I’ve taken to reading about ancient civilizations. There are a few that seemed to catch my attention, one being on a planet called earth. I will have to remind myself to ask Thoth to look that one up for me to see if we have any history or present day information on that planet and where it might be or used to be. There was a .. Race, or culture, whatever they called it then, called Egyptians. They had these pyramids made of earth stone of a size and date of time they shouldn’t have been able to.... but they did. Anyway, I’m not sure why they caught my eye but they are interesting. Maybe it’s because they did some things that they shouldn’t have been able to do. They also had an obsession with bodies and sending them to afterlife and their art style never changed over thousands of years because they were obsessed with the afterlife and that is what their art was about. Next time I am in a city of any size I will have to see if they have data that I can put on the ship data that has historical information on as many civilizations as possible. I’m not sure why it matters but it is at least interesting. I love the stories. <End Entry>


“I do too mother! I will try and see if I can look down and left and right to find these records for you mother since Thoth will be ‘looking up’,” he said proudly. He dusts the desk as he notices the third entry in the opposite shape meeting the second entry in the center.


<Third Entry>Well it seems we landed in EL Cancri the same time Yargblat did and he’s having a new ship built. He will be with us for a couple months on the ship. It’s good to have the 12 back with us. And definitely great to have yarg back with us for at least a couple months. Rather funny though, when I went to drop off the jobs we did Yarg went with me. He had some of Izu’s tea and got all slappy happy. It was entertaining, and... and made things rather interesting to see people’s reactions.


We finally got things ready and are going to take some ambassador back to her system (GJ 921) as a favor that Yarg brought here from some place. I don’t know the full details of it all yet other than it was a PL 5 civilization. Rather odd, and also rather suspicious. It will be interesting to see what they are like there. Sounds like one of those almost ancient civilizations, just a bit later. <End Entry>


“PL 5... searching memory... old technology. I have some information but only title entries of PL 5 places and technology, no real information, mother. I’m sorry,” he said to himself as he absently started dusting his head while looking at the page and watering the blue plant with the other hand noticing the entry starting in the center at a point and going down and getting wider at the bottom but a very short entry


<Fourth Entry> I don’t like the PL5 leaders. Something isn’t right. There is something VERY wrong with this place. These people are being FORCED to stay in an old time frame. I was tempted to mind read but I just didn’t feel it that urgent. Out of all the weird things and horrible people we have come across, this one makes my skin do morbid dances. They are a front for something and I can’t put my finger on it. I wish they would get ready to leave already, I’m ready to get out of here. I’ve made the decision to go back around through GJ 380


“Oh mother, I will protect you!” he says as he erects his body just a little proudly. He reached over and picked up his pansie pot and put it back on his head with purpose, then began to dust the journal vigorously to finish his chores. As he moved the duster to the right he caught the edge of the paper and flipped the loose page over. There he found one more entry.


This entry was in a large spiral starting from the outside and written in a continuous circle inward, but the middle section was still empty.


<Entry> Well, I have a few moments.. We are in dead space. And it seems we are on an adventure and I just might have doomed us all, but I’m determined to find out what is going on. The short version of the story is, there was a nebula in the way of the gate I wanted to take to GJ380. Yet it had no EM readings. That meant ships could go through without frying the electronics. Made things even more suspicious.


I made the decision to go through it rather than around it. “Ships went in but never heard from again” Yarg said they told him. Well, The Crit will be heard from again, and we are going to find out what is going on around here.


“ooooo ADVENTURE!! I will sharpen my blades and oil my parts mother,... ADVENTURE!!” holding up the duster in the air like a sword.




Toby jerked up erect and froze, turns slowly to see Captain Arjii standing in the doorway leaning up against the frame. “I’m sorry mother, I just got so excited about the story”


“Toby, those are personal logs, that means no one should ethically read them.”


“oh, I’m sorry mother. But I liked the art and story, ADVENTURE!”


“Toby, I need to have an important talk with you and a question for you. How loyal do you choose to be to me?”


“I will protect you mother, and no matter what I ill do what ever you ask,” as he sits up more erect with his wheels. “And that is my choice! I will deactivate myself if I ever do anything to hurt you or before I ever betray you mother... you gave me value ... and ... life.”


“Then you may read my journals, if you promise to never act on the words in there or ever divulge any information in it or the items contained in the pages. I would like for us to be a close team if that is something you would like to do. You can learn and I can learn from each other.... as well as help each other if the times need of it”


“oh I promise mother! TEAM! ADVENTURE!”


"Shhhhh keep it down, it's a good secret for us both"




"Good enough for now"


The New Guy


I have a few interesting and important things to jot down for record's sake.


I'm not sure why I'm so tired, but I am. Maybe because so much is going on and I'm frustrated. My guts feel like we need to get out of this area of space but I have no idea why. We landed in EL Cancri where Yarg was also stationed and there was enough room to dock at the same bay. It was great to see him and the 12 again. They were lent to him temporarily what seems like an eternity ago to help him out of a bind on his solo journey. I'm glad they are back, we have certainly felt their loss.

This ship is so under staffed we can't function almost at all without them.... especially since the loss of Sam and Horatio. Yarg is going to have to manufacture a few to help him along with the professor's help or something. I'm not letting them go again. They belong here....Maybe it's a memory of Horatio, maybe they are just part of my sentimental aspect that keeps peeking out from time to time. SOO un-Fraal like. Maybe i have these tenancies because I've not really been around them much, even when I was on my homeland they kept me isolated. However, tenancies or not, we can't run this ship with 4 people.... actually 3 because the Doc has no ship skills that I know of. He's pure doctor.


I'm going to assign the 12 to posts that fit them best. I have just installed new computer systems for the ship and each one is an aspect/copy of a part of Horatio. If we are to survive, it has to happen. Yarg is building a ship and I hope he takes advantage of the factory while he is with us. The following is a bullet list of important information I need to record but just have not had the time to do so. Tomorrow is going to be a busy day.

  • Interesting though, Augie is a new potential crew member. He's under probation for a few days before we take off again. However, he is a spy, not a viable crew member. I'm not sure why I'm even entertaining even bringing him aboard, but he seemed desperate for a job. I can't help but chuckle at his unfortunate welcoming party as he walked onto the bridge with Tucker coming up behind him and putting a big gun to his head.

  • Toby has undergone quite the transition. Death pansie brings quite the chuckle and fear at the same time. His transition is quite ..... unsettling. But then you see the pansie on the head.

  • We had the chance to bring Horatio back through Steve. The genius put a copy of his brains and parts of himself in Steve, and the 12. In order to bring back Horatio, it would have involved sacrificing the 12 and Steve to do it. There has been enough death and disappearing lately.... I didn't think it ethical to make them sacrifice themselves for one person. They have developed way too much. They aren't robots, they are people. Horatio has to start out from scratch and learn all over again. He might end up bad, or he might end up as lovable as he was before or better. It's a gamble.

To do a.s.a.p


1. As hard as it is I need to go through Sam's things as soon as we hit deep space. I have put it off and put it off. Rather than go in that room I'll have Toby bring me the things from her room to my quarters. That will at least take part of that pain away. Things just aren't the same without her around, but there is nothing I can do about it now. I wish I had never tried to keep her from shooting herself the way I did, maybe she wouldn't have broken... and Thoth wouldn't have gotten shot. But there is no use in pondering about it now, there is nothing I can do about it. But the pain... I wonder if this is why Fraal's just don't develop emotion much... it's painful.


2. Yarg seemed extremely distracted by mechanics and ship so I need to see if Thoth might be able to do it. He gets so distracted so easily since Sam has ..... gone away. But I think he needs to feel important and do important things so that he can move on as well. He's suffered quite a bit himself. But I'm not positive he has the skills to do it. Yarg has the professor so busy and I'm not sure I can trust him anyway. I can't take it to Mr. X because I need someone I trust not to duplicate that build. He will duplicate it and sell it all over the galaxy for a buck.


I don't want those things manufactured all over the place or I might as well not even have psi powers. If that got out I would be one dead captain... because I would have no defenses or offense that would work against an opponent with that device with psi powers unless there was just a 1 on 1 battle and they had no combat skills.. then it would be like two slugs trying to cut each other's heads off with a non-existent sword. It would be a slimy mess.


3. I am going to start my meditations again when we hit deep space to try and contact the whisperers again. I jsut can't let them go. They helped me for a reason ... between them and the midians I'm at a loss as to what my purpose is.. yet they think I'm supposed to have one. It's nagging at me to try and follow this path to find out. Maybe I'm not supposed to know.


I love my crew, but I also have to make time to love me in my own path of....


**Her head jerks around as she hears noises and commotion. Raising her finger to her ear and twisting a knob ever so slightly to hear better, she turns it back down again and drops the pen on the journal to take care of business leaving a trail of spots of ink from the pen.**




Something's happened to me . . . even the pen feels foreign in my hand . It's been so long since I've written in this journal but I don't understand why I keep trying or what it might mean in the future just to have these records. Forget grammar and punctuation, this is for me... to sort things out in my head . so much is happening my head and feels like its just spinning with events and emotions that I didn't think that Fraals could have.


if I look at this logically, its not I wonder with all that has happened, the negative is all I know and recognize anymore, and I don't like that. Life is so much more complicated now out of pure survival in the corruption all around me. Parts of it I like and parts I don’t. That is not what I want to recognize in my life just because the world does, though. I like who I was and still am trying to be. I have to somehow turn this way of thinking around so that I don’t go down the same path.


I can't be too hard on myself though; I am flesh and therefore am fallible like anyone else that is flesh, no matter what the race is. I'm afraid my life is without purpose other than this ship and both of us being used by past and present as a means to a selfish end that I don't understand quite yet. I know I was kept alive by my father all these years just so I could be a vessel for him to make his own powers more powerful?? I need a trick up my sleeve, just in case he or anyone blocks my psi powers with something. I need to talk to Yarg, but damn if I know where he is right now. I'm glad my father didn’t get what he wanted last time I saw him, but he sure taught me many powerful lessons from that night... who I don't want to be, who I know I am and glad of it, and opened my eyes to things I need to be aware of in this world. it was weird though, he seemed a bit... different yet the same. Did he have a twin I didn't know about? I know I had an uncle but I don't know if he is dead or alive. Either way, he posed as my father and looked like him. I don't know what is real anymore in some things. But aaah, no sense in fretting over that, I'll just pay attention to what I know is real and the rest will hopefully show itself in time.


I have been doing a lot of research lately on psi powers that I was never taught growing up because I only discovered I had them in that cave. It makes me wonder how my father knew I was supposedly so powerful even though I never was allowed to use them or was given the chance to develop them. I just assumed I didn’t have them. In fact he told me I didn’t have any, yet all those strange things would seem to happen and seemed to use that “undo” power he had a lot. I thought it was something my sisters did. There is so much I don’t know and understand. At least my father is predictable in that I know what he wants. He’s clever, and strategic, but equally arrogant and stupid due to his obsession. But I do know one thing, my father is the least of my worries. There are so many more dangerous things out there with more dangerous motivations. Sam taught me that. Sam.... god I miss her.


**setting the pen down, she reach into one of her bio holsters and pulls out a small piece of cloth matching the missing piece at the waist of her robes that Sam bought her. As she pulls it out of her holster and starts sliding it around her fingers she can’t help but think about the wonder that she found this piece of cloth on her ship before Sam even ordered the robes to give her as a gift. Putting the cloth back into the bio-holster and locking it back into place, she whispers to herself, “I need answers... I’m afraid for the ship...” acutely aware of how loud the whisper she just said was.**


Sam, I don’t have you to talk to anymore, but I do have an idea! I’ll ask the whispers... I can hear them now better than ever... so much has gone on I have not thought to talk to them. I hope they will understand and I know they appreciate all they have done for me. You know what Sam, I’m sitting here smiling, can you believe it? I have several ideas now! Thanks for the inspiration. Now I will ask the old man caesar to help me just in case prying eyes make their way here. No one knows who he is that I know of, but maybe that one piece of information from him can help me with my ship. But I will ask them verbally but will make record of it perhaps for you in the future or past, or whenever you might be. (wouldn’t you all be surprised at me doing encryption! I will do it twice at the same level... I can’t do encryption like you can Sam, no one can top you in my eyes. But laugh though, my head will warp I think.) Well, here goes!





Zwddg vwsj ozakhwjwjk, A vgf'l cfgo ozsl wdkw lg usdd qgm, esqtw qgm usf lwdd ew gfw vsq, gj sl dwskl sk s jwhdq lzsl qgm ygl eq ewkksyw ax R vgf'l zwsj qgm. Qgm sjw owdugew lg mkw eq bgmjfsd ax qgm vgf'l osfl lg khwsc oalz ew. A'nw lmjfwv gxx eq wsj hawuwk lzsl A eayzl zwsj qgm ax qgm vg khwsc kg lzsl A mfvwjklsfv qgm jslzwj lzsf vaklsfl ozakhwjk. A'e vgmtdw wfujqhlafy lzak kg lzsl hjqafy wqwk ogf'l wskadq tw stdw lg mfvwjklsfv oalzgml s dgl gx wxxgjl. Lzsfc qgm xgj sdd qgm zsnw vgfw xgj ew, lzgmyz A vgf'l cfgo ozq qgm vav sdd lzgkw lzafyk, A se yjslwxmd. A xwwd tsv xgj skcafy xgj egjw zwdh tml A vgf'l kww A zsnw emuz gx s uzgauw. A zsnw s jwimwkl, sfv A'e kmjw al akf'l sf wskq gfw, sl dwskl fgl xgj ew lg ugehjwzwfv sk wskq. A xwwd dacw lzwjw sjw tay ljgmtdwv laewk ugeafy szwsv sfv sxjsav oalz sdd lzw lwuzfgdgyq gml lzwjw lzsl Lzw Ujal ogf'l tw stdw lg zgdv mh lg lgg emuz hmfakzewfl. Qgm ksav A emkl danw, tml lzak kzah ak hsjl gx ew kgewzgo A cfgo lzsl. Kg A zsnw s xwo imwklagfk. ....... 1. Sjw lzwjw egjw ujqklsdk? ....... 2. Ak lzwjw s osq lg escw lzak kzah emuz egjw xgjeavstdw af tslldw qwl kladd tw xskl sfv syadw sk al ak? A cfgo lzsl ak s dgl lg skc tml A xwwd ow sjw xsuafy emuz egjw lzsf s dalldw yjgmh usf zsfvdw. ....... 3. Ax lzwjw ak egjw af lzsl usnw lzsf A afsvnwjlwfldq lggc xjge al, ogmdv lzwq zwdh mk? A cfgo skcafy lzak eayzl kwwe kwdxakz sfv hsjldq al ak, tml egkldq A zsnw s ujwo lg lzafc stgml lzsl lzw ogjdv kwwek lg osfl lg wsl mh. A osfl lg hjglwul lzwe sk emuz sk A vg eqkwdx. ....... A kladd zsnw s dgl gx hglwflasd daxw lg danw, A'e qgmfy sfv zsnw s dgl lg dwsjf. Sfv A ljmkl fg gfw glzwj lzsf qgm lg yanw ew lzw sfkowjk sl lzak hgafl af laew. Akf'l lzwjw s uzsfuw lzsl s kesdd yjgmh gx hwghdw usf tw dayzlk af lzw ogjdv lg zwdh glzwj hwghdw kww lzwaj ogjlz af daxw? Al osk zsjv xgj ew lg kww log gx lzgkw lzsl A usjw stgml fgl xwwd lzwq zsv ogjlz. Usf ow lwsuz lzsl ogjlz gj sl dwskl tw sf wpsehdw gx alk hglwflasd? ....... A ymwkk lzsl ak al xgj fgo...fgo lzsl lzak wfujqhlagf ak vgfw, A oadd skc qgm nwjtsddq eqkwdx lg ljq sfv zsnw s jwsd lsdc twlowwf mk. Al vgwkf'l zsnw lg tw fgo, tml esqtw ozwf qgm zsnw laew. ....... Oalz kafuwjw dgqsdlq sfv shhjwuaslagf, Ushlsaf Sjbaa gx lzw ugvw fsew Lzw Ujal


Mr. X's Letter


After putting the last of what he could fill his strore with from the cargo of his ship, he stands up, rubbing his lower back mumbling under his breath about not finding Freddie again when he needed him to re-stock the store. “My own damn fault for being anal about stock and not waiting for him to get back from lunch” he thought to himself as he came into the store front counter.


“What the ...”, he says almost stopping in his tracks bringing his gate to a slowed crawl as something very odd catches his eye, he begins a slow walk as he focuses on trying to figure out what is on the counter that would be a mysterious white with whisps of almost non-visible steam coming from it.


Closing his hand in toward the what he recognizes now as rolled up paper, he feels the coolness as if it were ice. Inviting temperature in leu of the heat storm going on outside. Touching it, he realizes the paper is still plyable like paper. Picking it up with curiosity peaked and unrolling it. I recognizes it’s a letter.


“How novel, I’ve heard of these things back from the 20th century when these types of things started to die out... but to see one so finely hand written.....” His voice trails off as he begins to read.



......... _________ ___________________________

..../\ \|

...|::::::.\::::::;,,.. Dear Mr. X,

...|:::::::::\:::::;:,,,.. I’m sending Toby as we discussed to have you look him over.

....\:::::::::|:::::;,,,. And yes, I know it’s odd to send this via an archaic thing such as

........``` /::::::;,,,. paper, (or is it?)

............|:::::;,,,,.. Archaic mode of communication I know; however,

.........../::::::;,,... I’m excentric and an exotic relic myself and know it.

........../:::::;,,.. I’ve grown to appreciate that part of myself.

......../::::;,,.. It’s time I have my own signatures in life. I’ve also grown quite fond

....../::;;;,,.. of hand writing. The pen and paper is not only therapeutic, but powerful because

....;;;;,,.. it is thrown out as ancient in the 'new age' of 2340; which reminds me, it’s getting close

.,,,,.... to 2341. Anyway...


;,. Toby will be down as soon as the storm is over, pansies pot and all on the head. Heaven forbid if that plant dies. If the ;.elements wilt the thing can you please buy a new one and replace it without him knowing and put it on my bill? My ;instructions for him are simple, yet the depth of why is not so easy to explain, but will do my best to fill you in.


I’ve had a few conversations with him since I bought him and been watching his behavior. I think I got an accidental gem when I bought him from Sirius thrown off as “junk” robot for a mere 15k. The reason I’m taking the time to give you an extensive set of instructions is a simple matter of realization on my part. As you know by your slick little eyes everywhere (which I most definitely can appreciate, admire, and respect due to how taxing I know it can be to keep all that straight and working smoothly). Our adventures can take us to some pretty interesting situations and places too. What you don’t know is we have our own house interesting situations on my ship as well. After all, can’t help but happen with a psi ridden captain that sees the future in odd and different modalities, sees the past, manipulate elements, and that has mysterious friends on and off her ship right? My crew is made up of odd misfits with unique talents and personalities, and that is how I like it. It makes life worth living, colorful, and warm in a cut-throat age.


I’m getting to the instructions I promise. However, all these odd things bring opportunities to meet good friends, like Sam, Horatio, and Steve. Unfortunately Horatio isn’t with us anymore either due to an accident that also resulted in loosing Steve and eventually Sam (as we spoke about). Horatio was a cold version of a caretaker that was warm and comforting in his own way .. not to mention self-made. He is still with us but just in body, as is Steve. Steve powered himself down when I told him Horatio was no longer with us. I was devastated. Then when I lost Sam, my right arm and best friend, well... you get the picture.


Anyway, after visiting you today, I walked through the ship, checked on Horatio as if it would do any good, still laying in a quarter lifeless, then I went to look at Steve as I put the flowers down that I bought today, who is sitting lifeless on my table, with a blue flower as symbol of a goodbye and a reminder to me that life is still good. I wish I could do something like that for Sam, but it also might be a good thing too that I can't because I’m not taking her absence so well.


As I sat looking at Steve after carefully setting that flower beside him, I realized something I think is very critical...I’m just a mortal captain of a ship of crew and I'm expendable to the world, not a god, and I can’t fix things like that. But their passing, to whatever times or realms they might be now, has given me gifts too because that is what I choose to get out of it. Two things keep singing to me aside from the constant whispers I hear... Choices, choices, choices .. And integrity, integrity, integrity, not to be confused with righteousness. Those are the only things we have in this world worth any value. I refuse to change myself because to world wants to change me, take advantage, betray, or kill me. Consider yourself the first person that receives evidence of who I am in this world.. A simple hand written archaic note with honesty, integrity, and that is powerful whether the world realizes it or not.


This all brings me to Toby; I refuse to be an owner and taskmaster to him to him. He already has the capacity to make choices; it is clear from our conversations. He just doesn’t have the tools to reach his potential. I don’t want him changed in AI/personality. That is who he is. Just like all of us, we have more potential than we can imagine, we just need to develop the tools to grow into it. Or in his case, given the tools to reach his potential. He gets excited, he can reason, he can make choices ... all on his own. I know his casing and components are archaic, but it is who he is right now and who he knows he is...and unless he makes the choice to be put into a new body or make himself one, there is where he will stay...he's actually on a pay scale on my ship, not a slave. He may never appreciate it or what I have tried to do for him, but that is okay.


Please send me a full report of what is needed to cure him of his ailments that keep him from reaching his full potential and any possible opportunities to give him special usage. Depending on what those are, I can ask him when he has grown some what he would like his job to be. And...If he chooses to leave then so be it. It’s his choice. I may not have the credits to do it all right now, but we can do it all in stages if I have to, or my crew do what they can here that isn’t beyond their capability at this point in time.


Realizing my own power to be who I am in this world from the deaths of my friends has been a gift, both to me and Toby. I’m a powerful ally, powerful enemy, and a powerful mortal friend. I'm a simple Fraal trying to live my life...I'm not a god. I make the choice to leave my own personality as a mark on this world and I still have a lot to learn myself. I won’t waste my existence by filling it with egotistical egotistical remorse, pity, whining, or slothful resignation. Because I want that for myself, I want that for Toby too. I don’t want to leave his fate to someone that underestimates him, forgets him, or thinks he is less than them self.


He just has to realize his potential and learn to love himself. Steve didn’t love himself, see how much he meant to others, or see his potential in the world, and as a result, chose to NOT live his life. That is a sick waste. I can’t respect that choice as his, but I do respect his process and him.


.. With all that said, and understanding now of what I'm looking for him,

.... send me a message when you get the estimate of what need to be done

...;,,.. and we can proceed from there. I won’t pass him off as junk because three of my friends

.....:;,,.. are gone, two of them because they didn't see their importance or potential.

...___ \::;,,..

./::::::: \::;;........ Captain Arjii

l::::::::: l::;::.....

l::::::::: /::::::;;.... P.S. Consider yourself the first person that receives one of Captain Arjii’s little

\:::::::: /::;;....,... signature quirks. Oh, and sorry about the mess.

..\:::::/::;;,..... Next time read this over a basin or trash can. ;)

.... V____________________________________/|_______




Reading the last of the note, he can’t help but wonder what that signature is with an intrigued smile and for a split second thinks about where a trash can is and realizes it’s too late. His face transitions as he sees the ink grow tendrils on the paper feeling water crawling into his hands and down his arms, the words becoming un-intelligible swirls as the paper starts melting around his hands into soggy remnant pieces. Chuckling to himself he wonders how she did that without the ink running in the first place, yet....still pliable, in the freezing process. He can’t help but wonder how the ink didn’t stay on the pieces of paper at all, not even a smear.


Moving his hands and fingers slowly to watch the process unfold, “Nice trick, no trace....” he whispers to himself. “I think you might have found a new-found respect for a ‘mortal’ Captain. You are fucking weird.”


Turning his wrist over and letting his fingers be a vessel for the flow of water in his fascinated watch, “....a rare thing Mr X.”


Walking toward an unkempt stained basin watching the pieces of paper naturally stick to his fingers as the water drains away. He picks up a piece of the paper that seems to just disintegrate from the water as if it’s been soaking for months, “Yes... yes, a rare thing for me in my ‘cut-throat’ world.”


Turning on the water, he washes the remnants of paper off before turning the water off again and reaching for a towel to dry them with a smile and shake of his head. “You just never know what might happen in a day....You have me intrigued Captain Arjii, I think we found a rare working relationship in this ‘cutthroat’ world of ours. I don’t like trusting anyone, but I trust you. I don’t like it at all, but you got my trust and attention.”


The Dream, or was it?


Captain Arjii’s Log: The Dream, or was it?


After finishing the captain’s log, walking slowly over to my well made bed. I had to smile because someone always seems to make it for me so perfectly. I mentally send out a warm thanks to whoever does it for me. The appreciation for those little things could not be more valued by myself. If they only knew how much I appreciated it. Maybe they do in some way, who knows. I realize I have this overwhelming appreciation going out to so many things.


“There are so many things I don’t understand that the eyes can’t see,” I softly whispered. “And I’m not sure I truly should, or even want to, even though I think I do. And that is a conundrum in and of itself.” Chuckling at myself talking to no one but myself I sat on the side of my bed rubbing my writing hand.


“I can’t believe how people used to do things like this all the time. It’s so primitive, but I feel like a weight has been lifted just from hand writing. There is something about touching the paper, and connecting with it though an extension of my hand that is very...meditative and powerful,” I thought to myself. As I glanced up to look at the worn thick leather bound journal, I smiled. I could feel the smile transform with my eyes as I thought I saw the book faintly glow.


“What the....” I said out loud as I watched it fade. I closed my eyes and rubbed them and looked back. It seemed like the simple journal I always had. “Oh man, I’m more tired than I thought, I need to get some sleep.”


And with that thought, I pulled the nice covers down and slid in between the clean sheets smiling, waved a hand over the light panel and looked up laying in the dark, took a deep breath and thought how lucky I was to have someone care enough to make the bed, my crew, the ship, and the whisperers. “Whoever you are, thanks for keeping me company. I love being alone, but you have changed my view on that a little bit. I know I rant about hearing you, but not so much anymore as you probably know. You could be evil for all I know but you have not shown me any sign of that, so I’m going to assume you are good and care and that I appreciate it. You have become my friend even though I don’t have a clue what you say. Now I must sleep, so that I have the patience to dodge Thoth’s tail another day.”


I feel myself get go deep into a sleep and yet completely aware. At first all I see at first as I look around are clusters of lights that resemble star systems that seemed familiar. “Where have I seen that? On the command deck map perhaps? Damn why can’t I remember??” I found myself saying out loud.


Almost immediately, I heard the whispers sound out in gentle caresses as if it was in response. “Why can’t I understand you? I really want to be respectful and honor you as beings that should be honored like anyone else. I hope just knowing is enough for you.” Just as suddenly they were heard, they stopped, but I didn’t care, I felt good. It was like my body had no stress and only bliss.


I found myself in a place that I used to play in a virutal world when I was young when I had time to play with my sisters, but they weren’t there. Each side of the road was towering ruins of skyscrapers where we used to play hide and seek. The road didn’t seem to end and it was brighter a long way off as if the sun was getting ready to peek over the edge of the horizon. I had to smile. I looked around at the details of the buildings and wondered what it would be like to live in that time when suddenly I saw something that was out of place at the edge of the road.


I moved there, though I don’t know how. I found graves like pictures I saw in the old worlds I read stories about. They were mounds that were on the ground with stone stones with writing on the end. Each one had words on it. The first one I read has my younger sister’s name on it with the date 2340. I moved to the next one and that one has the name of my youngest sister with the date of 2339. Horrified I felt myself crying with my whole body. “just a little after I left my home on that excavation apprentice, within at most 2 months if this date is correct. The third had my mother’s name on it...2340. I gasped hearing echos of it so loud that I tried to hold my ears. Suddenly I realized I had no ears to cover. I looked down and realized my whole body was nothing ever moving light.


“Note to myself: Sound seems to travel here differently so don’t make any sounds,” I thought to myself as I moved one more over where I find a hole dug in the same shape. I looked curiously at the stone. I took a step’s distance back when I read my own name. “Well I’m not dead yet at least,” I said to myself with an inner chuckle.


“No but you will be soon,” a male voice said that seemed to come from everywhere. It was so loud and realized I knew that voice but couldn’t see anyone anywhere. Suddenly I heard the whispers, and this time, though I didn’t understand the words, I understood them.


“He is not here yet, but you must prepare or you will die. He has not been what he seemed” I heard them say.


“How do I prepare? ... and for what?” I asked with my mind. Silence assaulted me, yet again. “I need to wake up, this is turning out to be a bit too real.” I said to myself. I suppressed a scream that still escaped from the pain of the noise of my own voice.


“Hush my child” the whisperers seemed to say in unison. We will give you another gift. You must live. Calm yourself so we can give you this gift. Close your eyes and open your head and heart to us.


I closed my eyes with my breath still heaving tryng to calm myself. My mind raced trying to penetrate the confusion to get to understanding.


“It’s okay, just trust.”


“Trust? Really?” I said silently.


“Did you not tell us that you assumed we were a friend?”


Stunned, I shut up and thought to myself, “they heard me!”


“Yes we did, we hear well, and speak softly. now you understand. Now hush child and trust. We don’t have much time.”


I closed my eyes and suddenly felt a wave of relief of understanding that all this wasn’t my imagination and that they were really there. I relaxed and felt and heard nothing. Slowly at first I felt my skin shift and ripple. My thoughts forgot I had no body here for a moment but soon remembered. I paid attention and trusted as I felt the whole of my body feel like something was slipping under my skin. It was gentle and almost soothing. And then as suddenly as it started its gentle movement tapered and stopped. I waited...


My head started to clear and and feel like it was expanding .. It grew painful. I breathed harder to suppress the scream that wanted to erupt, and then it was gone.


“He’s here, child. Remember you need to live at all costs”.


I opened my eyes and looked around. I could hear him. It wasn’t a breath or footsteps, I heard his psi powers walk. :Was that it?” I thought. I could hear his psi powers and knew who it was. “But he doesn’t have psi powers.”


Then I saw him coming down the road from the dark end of the street with a sinister energy smile.


“Hello Father” I said softly. “I understand now”


“You understand NOTHING you idiot!”


I felt his power surge and reactively put up my kinetic shield never taking my eyes off him without a flinch.


“You think you have learned so much! but you will soon see that you are as problematic and shameful as your sisters.”


“You killed them didn’t you”


“How perceptive”


“Why leave me then? You hate me and sent me off. Why didn’t you just kill me?” As soon as the last word came out of my thoughts, I felt him all in my head. My eyes grew wide knowing that he was trying to take my body and take over my life. I resisted and thought kinetic blow and it happened. I receeded surprised and infuriated.


The last thing I remembered was a rage sound and firey blast. The screams coming from my own body while I held my head rolling on the floor became realer than life. I opened my eyes and found myself in my own quarters. I relaxed and shut my mouth. The first thought out of my mind. "So many questions still unanswered."


It’s been quite a span since I logged events. I can’t help but wonder what the hell is going on. Things are even more nuts than I can comprehend at this point in time. I’m logging the abbreviated version of the past few weeks. If I go into detail my head will explode... The whispers are loud, my head feels like it’s about to fly away, and vertigo is unstable from its flighty state. I’m used to chaos but this is all just so weird.


To start the last few weeks off, Tucker wrecked my ship.... again.... trying to get out of the hanger after leaving Yarg on that graveyard of a ship totally wrecking the med bay because he “forgot” to use the computer systems.... again. My temper flared and almost froze him on the spot but thankfully I gained my senses. Three wrecks out of three trips is too much for me to handle... and rightfully so. We are running out of parts because of his incompetence! If there is another reason I would love to know it. I hate thinking my crew that I have invested so much in is just ... stupid. However, if the boy doesn’t get more skills soon and stop wrecking my ship, he’s going to be without a job... and I won’t look back with any regrets; not to mention, he refuses to be forthright on his past so we know what we are dealing with. THAT is a trust issue. If I can’t trust my crew, then I won’t have one. If he worked for void I wouldn’t care, at least we might get some information to know what we are dealing with but all he does is sit at the pilots seat like a blob drying up from the sun.


We went through the EI Cancri sytem to get to 1 of 3 systems Sam’s friend, Micha was sighted. Chasing after an elusive friend of Sam’s that seems to be in trouble and doing time travel seems weird and insane itself. But I figured we need to explore and find new contacts anyway, so I might as well explore in those directions. We finally get to the GJ 388 system. The only thing there is a mine. Sam got sick and couldn’t go with the landing party the first 4 times on the mine. Something terrible happened there too. First, a blown up massive star ship, then loosing yarg to it because in his quest to find his dead people severs any loyalty to the present. Personally, I think it was his people’s undoing, so fascinated with machinery that they lost humanity. Yarg’s obsession to be more like a better performing robot is an illusionary demon that will be his undoing just like the rest of his people. But alas, who am I to talk, but it’s painful to me to see someone I care about loose himself to something inanimate and loosing the richness of what it is to live. I’ll take being a short lived organic person than live forever with no soul. I hope he corrects his path soon or he will loose his life and purpose like the rest of his people did.


Anyway, then this abandoned mine we found had blown up and plasma coated frozen bodies inside it and a massive door in it asking what our mission objective is. After using post-cognition to find out what happened, Micha again was at the center was using a blaster of some sort blowing up all these people. What caught my eye was the look of horror in her face. Something wasn’t right and I knew I couldn’t judge her just by her shooting people.


When Sam got better we all went back down and made our way to the massive door. We put micha’s name in for the answer and all the life support, heat systems, etc came on. All I could think was, “What could be worse, a huge complex of stinking rotting corpses.” I couldn’t be more wrong when it came to the worst part. We soon found out that it wasn’t the worst thing that could happen. All those bodies started animating and coming to life. We stood in the depths of a zombie nest it seems. Horrified, we made our way out, sabotaged the elevator, and with Horatio’s help, we blew the entrance of the mine up to where it collapsed and got the hell out of there.


We stopped by the EL Cancri star system to see what was there then headed back to DX Cancri to see how Yarg was doing on the way to the next destination. It was clear to me that Yarg had not taken into consideration still that Insight was right next door and his dream of having a station built out of that graveyard of a ship was futile. He asked me what he thought I would like on it and I quickly thought under siege so told him massive defense systems and hydroponics self sufficiency. I also let him know that I wasn’t happy he decided to leave us.


We left, went through the virtually empty GJ251 system to get to the contested QY Aurigae system. This was the second system that Micha had been seen. There are two stations, one owned by void corp subsidiary (Ortis Refineries), one neutral company with a very small population of 52 (Garat Mining Division) Thank gosh they were accommodating. The, still yet another weird thing,

They were nice and accommodating and we found out through the psi powered leader there that the void corp mine near in the system has gone dark suddenly. I can’t help but wonder if it is the same thing going on there as the mine we just left owned by void corp.


I don’t know what is going on here but the sequence of events the last couple months have just gotten more weird. Maybe I can sleep now, but I can’t stop thinking about it all. I need some insight and guidance but being a captain, you just don’t get that.


Loosing a crew member has left the crew in a stunned loss state. We are in deep space leaving the Cancri system. The last day seems surreal. I’m just glad we didn’t loose a crew member due to death. The last 10 days have been weird.


We repaired the hull on the way to Procyon and I’m glad to say it’s finally fixed ... again. We found an announcement billboard when we landed there at the star gate. Procyon is now claimed by the Initiative Nation. Those robots are propagating extremely fast. On day, they are barely getting a star port open with our assistance, and two weeks later claiming another entire star system. I had a weird feeling as stated in earlier logs that they were going to be dangerous. I knew it even before we discovered they planted that assassin robot on my ship. This brings me to the concern that Yarg is sitting on the edge of their path and we just might not see him again. I’ll explain:


After we left the Procyon system, now cancer ridden by the Initiative, and jumped to DX Cancri, we found it fairly empty of anything. However, we sited a small silhouette of a ship. After getting closer, it didn’t take long to find we were sitting dwarfed before an extremely large blown up starship. It seemed an eternity that we stood there in shocked awe as we got within a range we could see detail. Not only could we not see the whole ship because it was so large, we realized the whole middle was blown apart. Another odd thing about it was the debri looked like it was stopped in time. You couldn’t tell if the blast was internal or external. If it had been internal there would have been debris more missing due to the velocity going outward. If it had been attacked from the outside, the debris could have been blown more one way than the other. The way that ship looked it would have taken one hell of an object to blow that thing up like that due to it’s massive size. Something wasn’t right at all. The entire crew was on edge and uncomfortable about it all. I’m not sure if they thought the same way about the explosion as I did but I wasn’t going to interject my thoughts on it at this time.


I decided to land the ship on one of the end pieces that were more in tact to investigate. We spotted a hanger still relatively in tact and that it still had a small amount of power still going on. Tucker seemed truly off and distracted today and had a rough landing. Thankfully nothing was damaged in the bump but a small dent. My god will I have my ship long due to this pilot? I was quickly loosing patience but kept my calm nature in tact.


Number 4 is going to go with us to carry extra O2 until he reaches the edge of his functioning range from the ship. We suited up and exited the ship to explore this anomaly graveyard. What the kafa happened here!?


The bay door was in emergency mode and locked. I contacted Horatio to see if he could tap into the barely working sytem and see if he could do something to help us gain entry. Perhaps there was a way around as well. He said to hang on, that it was a pretty archaic system to him and was able to get a very basic tap of control. A few seconds later he said to back up away from the door that he would be able to get that door open approximately 10 seconds before it would close back. We parted the group and went to each side ready. As soon as the door started opening, debri starting shooting out of the door. Thankfully, due to the ship’s gravity range the debri didn’t go far and didn’t hit the ship. We all scuttled in as fast as possible.


Thoth went into military mode and started shooting orders for the others to check and clear the room of hostiles for safety purposes. Thoth, Tucker, and Sam cleared the room and finally relaxed. I looked back at Thoth from the sudden military mode and raised an eyebrow as I watched his tail twitch like it had a short circuit in it and looked dafk fetkin dangerous noticing the force behind the twitches.


“Fetkinsof sofkin,” I caught myself thinking in proper high caste Fraalian chuckling. Then watching myself transform into a rant rather prolifically after thinking about that nervous lizard and the lack of proficiency in the pilot, I continued as I looked around, “Shit, shit, smesof....” as I looked around ans saw all the remains of the mechanical parts of the Meculus race that apparently owned and thrived this ship once. We all stopped and stared in a memorial silence. I looked at Yarg, who was obviously devastated to see his race’s grave. The Meculus are very loyal to their race and his reaction was expected.


Mumbling softly to myself as I take out that scrap of cloth and sliding it through my fingers with one hand to think but half distracted by Thoth’s voilently twitching tail, “Kakin ka sof sha kinra sha sharara sta sharakasof (That tail will do damage to someone or something).”


Listening to the crew talk and try to find something out from the control station, I continued my obsessive mumbling as I looked around in awe at the size and magnificence of the ship we were in and how it must have looked in it’s prime operation.


I faintly heard one of my crew say, “life support is running in this area, for now.”


“Rr Thoth sharara' kinra fetzme sha ra, kin fet sofsha sof ra fet shaka sha rr zmesof (Thoth doesn't handle stress very well, and the pilot will be the death of my ship).”


“fetkasof sofkin.... (****** lizard)

fetkasof zofshat....,”(****** pilot,) I continued mumbling more angrily as I thought of that hard landing.


I pointed toward the door I spotted and began walking toward it. I couldn’t help but wonder if the ship was crashed due to a careless pilot.


After entering a large area, the room clear of any life signs at all and found a half built ship and eerily dead silent grave. The empathy got to me and I lost myself in the grave that surrounded us.


“kasof sof kin fetkasof kinsof! (This is a ****** calamity!)”


I realized that my mumbling was more audible than I expected due to the emotion tied up into it all and heard Sam say, “Did you say something captain?”


“Nothing, I’m just talking to myself,” and decided I needed to get my head on straight and start thinking about the solutions and not cause problems myself. We had enough of them.


Other than the half built ship, there was an opening surrounding the conveyors up high. Using my levitation, I lifted up. Thoth and Tucker followed with whatever means they had to get up that high. I turned and saw Sam and Yarg standing down there and turned back. Inside the room with a locked door were all sorts of Meculus technology parts all over the place.


“Yarg, you might want to get up here,” I said as I saw the reactor still in the crate and several other parts. I’m not sure how he got up there but in a few minutes, he came in taking in all the parts in a wondered astonishment. He had a look like a mixture of a child in a candy shop or horrified devastation.


I looked around and couldn’t help but think about Insight right next door and how they would probably kill anything and everything to get to this ship. But I the grave surrounding us got to me. I reached up and took my helmet off in memorial. I guess the others might have thought I took it off to save oxygen and they did the same.


“Yarg, I know you might want to stay,...” I said. But was cut off by Yarg


“I was going to stay anyway,” he said pertly


Surprised at his nasty pertness I jerked my head back and said, “alright, I’ll have food left for you”


Thoth said, “I have 10 weeks of rations I will leave with you”


I slid out and lofted back down to stand with Sam. “He’s staying but I don’t like it for many reasons. We don’t need a station like this with this kind of energy and past surrounding it, not to mention Insight right next door. There’s going to be a war here.”


“Captain, we might have to suggest to Yarg that we need to take what we can and blow up the rest so they don’t get to it.”


“My thoughts exactly. But he’s not budging and I don’t think he will go for that unless that time comes. I think it’s going to take seeing them come for all his people’s stuff to just rip it apart to the purpose of something sinister and it will be too late because he’s too empathic with robotics and seems to always want to be more robotic. I think this is his race’s flaw and its undoing.”


After a time we gathered at the ship. Horatio came out and with my newly purchased and fixed salvage bot and presented it to Yarg. I stood astonished that he would give away something that wasn’t his or his right to give. My temper started boiling softly inside and I watched.


When Yarg started revering Horatio as a savior with no regard to the rest of the crew but a lightly distracted robotic “thank you” as if he was the one that did all. My anger wanted to erupt but I held it in check out of respect of his people. He never thanked us for getting him out of that insight delima, never thanked me for taking him in, eating my food, the over abundance of pay, ... nothing. And now he’s taking my robot without asking and revering another robot for his “gift”. My boiling point jumped to about half way to eruption with me shoving it down as hard as I could trying to give him the benefit of the doubt in his both happy and devastating day.


Suddenly the recent dream I had came to mind. “Two betrayals and desertion” I remembered the whisperers saying in the dream. “They were right! was this what they were talking about?,” I thought to myself. I felt an inner painful pang in my chest and I immediately felt a little part of me die in side with mistrust and suspicion taking it’s place. “I’m in no hurry to come back and get him, if ever.” I thought to myself. My gaze turned to the oblivious robot seeming to take in all that praise. “so much for family,” I thought. Things will be different from now on. I understand now why crews hate their captains, because they are forced to be what they aren’t.


I left the crowd, walked into my quarters and laid down. I just wanted to sleep and forget it all, wake up and realize it was just silly thinking.


I went to the bridge and sat down on my chair and I realized I sat on something. I got up and turned. There was a package on the seat. I opened the package and it was an amazing robe of teal with a beautiful deep purple attached coat. I picked it up and immediately gasped when I felt it. I ran it over my skin in awe knowing the feeling of that type of cloth. The soothing moisturizing energy that just seemed to heal the skin felt amazing and energizing. The main part of the robe was a cross between teal and cyan in color and hue. The attached outer jacket that flowed all the way down to the bottom of the robe was a royal deep purple. I immediately knew it was Sam the split second I wondered about how it got there. No one on this ship would do anything like that for me but her.


I felt my heart race in excitement and emotions go into an odd overwhelm that was foreign to me and my extreme calm nature. I watched Sam start to approach.


“Captain, do you like it?” Sam said.


“You can’t imagine how much I do Sam, Thank you. But why?”


She explained in an awkward but highly sincere set of words that seemed to get muted in my emotional overwhelmed state. It didn’t matter to me the details of why she did it... it matted to me that someone thought to do something like this.


“Thank you Sam, but you have no idea what you have just done for me,” I said, as I thought of the properties of the cloth in that robe. Once the shock of what was in my hands wore off enough to get my thoughts back, I turned and put it on facing away from anyone to hide the tears welling up in my eyes.


The garment was impeccably well-made with Fraalian-style hidden seams, found typically in high class formal wear, and had two layers. As I was smoothing out the robe I noticed that near the belt area there was a hole in the first layer. As I reverently ran my fingers over the hole backed up by another layer the shape looked so familiar.


Sam watched me and noticed what I was looking at. I reached down and picked up the bio holster I had taken off to put the robes on, and pulled out the piece of cloth I had been messing with for weeks while I thought. I laid it up against the hole and it was a perfect match. I slowly looked up at Sam astonished in silence. She looked at me stunned as well, shook her head, and turned to go back to her station without uttering a sound. “What the lahnz is going on here?” I thought.


That night I slept well, the whispers were loud but almost like a white noise to me lulling me to sleep. I don’t remember if I dreamed or not but woke rested with an idea. I dressed in a hurry and made my way to the bridge getting ready to go back to the port, this time with more than the previous day’s missions.


“Before we leave, who wants to go into the port to finish up some loose ends?” I asked the crew.

Yarg, Thoth, and Sam piped up wanting to go. “Sam, can you show me the place that you got my robes from?”


“Sure Captain, but it was a kiosk. But maybe we can find the owner depending on what you want,” she said looking at me as if asking what it was I wanted.


I didn’t say a word and started toward the exit. Everyone followed and we made our way to the market area. I looked at Sam expectantly letting her know I was waiting for her to show me; however, it was wasted communication, because she was already heading toward where she bought the robes. Sure enough, the owner of the kiosk was there.


I spoke with the owner, who seemed rather pleasant, and asked her where she got the material. She told me she got it from a shipment that came from the Epsilon system. “oh kafa, that’s a LONG way off,” I thought.


“Do you have any more of that material left to make a few more things?” I asked.


“Yes, we do. What would you like?”


“I would like a pair of shoes, with good bottom soles, backpack, and loose fitting pants to go under the robe. But it must be from the same exact material.”


“It will be, and no problem, I know where that material is and will make sure it is used. come back in a few hours to pick them up, but I must ask you to pay for them now then step over to the sizer and let us take all of your measurements so we have a perfect fit.”


“Of course,” I said. I walked over paid her at the kiosk and added in 50 credits out of pure gratefulness that they still had that material, then stepped over to the sizer and let it scan.


“That is very kind of you,” I heard the owner say behind me.


“It’s no problem, it’s worth it to me and thank you for your kindness,” I replied.


Sam had a few things to do in the market and Yarg disappeared in the market for a bit. Thoth and I headed back to the bounty office. We found out that the red headed friend of Sam’s had been seen in three different systems: Omnicron, GJ 388, and QY Aurigae. I wasn’t thrilled to hear about the GY system after Nick telling us to be careful there, that it was a contested system. We bought handcuffs, mag locks and one psi collar, just in case we did get someone on a bounty list.


After finishing what we needed to do in that office we headed back to the market and picked up Yarg. Sam headed back to the ship. We then headed to the dry dock and worked a deal for a used scrap robot that needed some work after selling 12 cubit meters of titanium plates. Yarg was so excited he just about blew a few gaskets and circuits I think. I couldn’t help but think I was going to have a hard time making sure that it was for my ship, not him. He was like a child in a candy factory.


As we turned to walk away, the dock manager suddenly said, “Captain..”


“Yes?” I replied as I turned around.


“I have something for you.” She held out a card to give to me. “This will give you 10% off next time you are here on anything.”


“Well thank you very much. I’m sure we will be using this sometime in the near future.” I slid the card into my bio holster remembering to go pick up my things. I turned toward the concourse that took us to the market and headed that way as I told my crew, “I have things to pick up in the market, feel free to come or go back to the ship. But it might be a while before we are at a store of any sort so you might want to get things you think you might need or want, we have a journey to make.” They all looked at each other and they decided to go with me and shop some more.


When I arrived at the kiosk, the owner greeted me with a smile and I couldn’t help but smile at the excitement of getting my things.


She handed me some wrapped items and then said, “I put a little something extra in there. We didn’t have much of the material left after making those things you requested so I had them make a utility belt for you with style. That’s quite the outfit you have, are you someone more important than you let on?”


Ignoring the last comment I replied with a smile and an excited “Thank you! Is it okay if I just put these things on while I’m here and you keep the packaging for something else?”


“Sure by all means! It’s great to see someone happy about our products. Maybe you can recommend us in the future if you feel so inclined.”


“Most certainly,” I said. “You have been a mark of perfect service and quality,” I said as I started sliding the pants on under my robe without any inhibitions whatsoever. After putting on the shoes and looking at the backpack and how well it was made with so much storage and pouches, that yet seemed so light and small, I opened the final package. I pulled out a utility belt that was perfect for me. It had many inner pouches hidden from outside view as well as outer pouches and two perfectly made places to attach my bio holsters.


“You are observant,” as I looked at her.


“It’s part of what we do Captain. I hope you like them all.”


“You can’t imagine just how much I appreciate the quality and service you have given me,” I said as I reached out to shake her hand. “If you would be so kind to give me your information, I will have my staff order remotely and able to recommend you to others.


“oh no problem! Here it is,” she said reaching over to get a data card and handing it over to me.


“Quite an advanced business you have, that's’ good!” I said with a smile.


She smiled back and said, “We try.”


We turned and walked back to the ship to prepare for an early departure. We had a long journey ahead and didn’t want to waste anymore time here.


Cpt. Arjii's Log: Adv. 9


I’m telling this recount of the day with all the information I’ve gathered from my crew and myself as it happened in sequence. It all starts with Sam on the ship just after fixing her goggles back to the augmented version, rather than the original version after asking my advice on which version to fix them to. My reply was that she could buy another regular version any time, but the augmented one might be a little hard to reproduce.


“Good point Captain,” Sam said as she started work on her goggles. I went to the bridge. Finally fixing them after a few minutes of work, She happily affixes them onto her face carefully. Happy with the fit, she begins walking around the ship. She’s enthralled in having her goggles back in working order and almost feels like she has one of her vital organs back. Still enthralled with having them back, despite not finding anything unusual thus far, she enters the workshop where Horatio was busily working on the robots for the professor and engineer.


Sam stops abruptly as the augmented reality reveals that Horatio is not only doing work at the workbench, he’s hammering on an ancient looking anvil. “Horatio, do you know that you are working with an anvil?”


“Yes,” Horatio said unenthusiastically.


Sam looks at him sideways and shakes her head as she continues to walk past toward the captain’s quarters. Turning her head back front and center as she approaches the entrance of the captain’s quarters, she stops in her gate to a dead still position. Allowing her mouth to slightly gape as she lets out oh whispered, “Whoah” as she sees signs in font of her saying. “Administration - Do not Enter.”


Sam immediately turns on her com transmitter, “uh Captain?”


“Yes?” I reply


“I think you need to see this, can you come to the door of your quarters please?” Sam said in an odd tone.


I put my small business book down and made my way from the bridge to my quarters and there stood Sam. The goggles made her look so humorous that I almost chuckles, but knew it was serious so I alternatively said, “What’s the problem Sam? This sounded rather urgent.”


“Captain, through these goggles I see signs in front of this door. They say, “Administration only- Do not enter. Do you mind if we go into your quarters to see what else I can see in there?”


How odd I thought to myself. “Sure,” I replied.


We entered the room and looked at Sam while she looked around my quarters. It wasn’t long before she started walking toward one of the small tables I had in the center against the back wall that held various things including the little robot box that turned itself off from the Dock staff that seemed to blow Yarg’s mind. He just couldn’t understand why a box would be programmed to turn itself off. At first I wondered if there was something about it that Sam was seeing. Then I saw her looking from floor to ceiling at something. Now I’m more intrigued and watching Sam intently.


“Captain, there’s a funnel of light here going from the ceiling to the floor!” exclaimed Sam. She took her goggles off and handed them to me.


I put the goggles on and sure enough there was a beautiful whitish cream funneling light. I walked over to the area and started looking around and found a square seam on the wall behind the table. When I put pressure on the square it depressed easily. Suddenly there was motion. The light formed an image of a humanoid of some sort and then was gone. I took off the goggles to see what was actually moving around and there were two cones. One of them coming from the ceiling and another coming from the floor almost meeting each other. While this was going on, I put the goggles back on and the image was back and it formed a purple crystal like what was in the box right between the two tips of the cones barely touching it.


I take the goggles off and hand them back to Sam looking at each other stunned. Something about that whole thing made my head feel like it was filled with densely packed cotton weighing one hundred pounds. I couldn’t think clearly and I just stood there mesmerized and frozen for a few minutes. I think Sam was in the same state of shock because she didn’t say anything either; or, at least I didn’t hear anything she said if she did.


After regaining my senses, I opened communication and asked everyone to report to my quarters immediately. When everyone entered, I let them know what has happened. Horatio saw the box on my bed with the crystals in it and said, “I’ve seen one of those boxes on the ship Captain,” as he pointed to the one on my bed.


“Really!!? Where, take me to it”


“Very well Captain,” he said in his drone voice and led me off to the sub cargo bay under the stairwell. After looking at it’s position it was directly under my quarters. It was locked and again I put my hand on the lock and it sprung open, just as the other one did. It was void of any crystal though.


I opened coms and said “All available people start looking around the ship for more of those boxes,” as I started looking myself. I found another one at the starboard engine room, and it had a red crystal in it. Sam found another on the port engine room and I rushed to it like my life depended on it for some reason in my excitement. The box looked a bit battered, and it looked like the damage was recent. However, it was right near the recycler so it made sense due to the explosion from that. I again opened the box easily and found a green crystal inside that looked like it had hairline cracks in it, more than likely, from the explosion a few weeks back.


That was all we could find from the reports of the other crew members and I stood there and thought. I had an idea. I went back to my quarters and took out the blue crystal. Forgetting about the drain from the last time, I suddenly realized it when I felt 1/3 of my psi power leave my body. I take it to the box that was empty and put the crystal inside it carefully and closed the box. Nothing happened. I opened it up again and took the crystal out. BAM, another drain. Frustrated with myself I said in a mumble, “next time I have someone else pick it up.” I then took it back to my quarters and pulled out the crystal that had the blueprints in it and repeated the process and close the box.


Suddenly I felt the room quake as if I was in an intense earthquake. I lost my orientation and felt the room move, turn and twist and warp. Oddly calm fascinated I didn’t have time to panic. It finally stopped but could hardly believe what transformed in front of me during that whole ordeal. I started walking around slowly as I heard my crew over the coms asking if everyone was okay as if it was in a faint past. Walking down the walkways slowly looking around I realized I was in a factory of some sort as I heard Sam calling for me over the calms to see if I was okay. “I’m okay, but I think you all better get down to the non-existent sub cargo bay now to check my sanity.”


It wasn’t long and I heard running footsteps and a sudden chain of “Whoah” entering my ears. Yarg went crazy with excitement. Horatio finally said as if nothing new happened, “This is advantageous.”


“Yeah!! Just think of all that we can build in here” he exclaimed. And then the chatter erupted between them all. I turned and left the room and headed toward the box that had the cracked green crystal. “Thoth,” I said over coms, “when I tell you I want you to do a check on the ship on all systems to see if things are running right.”


“Yes Captain, moving to my station right now,” he said disappointed from having to leave the eruption of excitement.


I reached for the crystal and had no issues pulling it out. Nothing, no jolts, no bumping. “Go ahead Thoth,” I told him. I waited several minutes.


“Captain, it seems the recycler, workshop, and the automated cargo is down.”


I put the crystal back in carefully and closed the box. “What about now?” I waited for the reply expecting that they would be up and running again.


“Weird Captain, they are working now,” having no idea what I had done.


“Okay good, stand by to do this all again” as I made my way to the box with the red crystal.


“Yes, ma’am,” he replied in a curious tone.


I took the red crystal out once I arrived, an alarm sounded, “Do the checks again, I think life support is down and maybe something else.”


“Aye Captain!” I heard with a lot of scrambling noises during his broadcast. I waited a few minutes and heard, “Yes Captain, life support system is down as well as weapons and a few other things.”


“Stand by,” I said as I put the red crystal back into it’s place and closing the box. The alarm stopped immediately and I said, “Now check everything that was off.”


“Captain, all systems up and running again.”


“Stand by, I have one more test to do.”


“Yes Captain,” came back but this time curious and on edge as if he was afraid of what might turn off next.


I went to my quarters and stood there looking at the purple crystal between the two oddly crafted cones. I realized I couldn’t make out what type of material that they were made of but the cones are intricate and beautifully crafted with the colors of white shell color, black, and gold. I stood looking at the crystal and suddenly it’s as if I had Sam’s goggles on but different image. The crystal seemed to change as if it was living and spirals of purple and cyan tendrils came from it filling the entire room. I stood in amazement till I started hearing Sam. She obviously didn’t see it because she acted normally.


“I’m going to take this crystal out,” as I walked toward it and lifted it as if it wasn’t being held at all as I said, “Okay Thoth.” No sonner than I took that crystal out emergency lighting came on and I heard nothing from Thoth. I waited, and still nothing. Obviously lighting and coms were out so I put it back in. “Thoth, can you hear me now?”


“Yes Captain, the whole ship systems shut down Captain. Please don’t do that again.”


I had to chuckle as I went over and closed the box with the two left over crystals and hid them away.


Just before we left the ship I got two messages. One was a payment for the war heads and the other was a large payment for the bounty of the brother’s folly and keeper. I took half of the payments and put them in my ship fund, and the rest I split between us all including horatio. I wasn’t sure what horatio was going to do with all that money, but I felt I wanted to respect him as a person.


We walk into the station manager’s office to find it crowded. We get into line and wait our turn. Finally, we talk to the manager to get the rundown of what has been going on. Again she didn’t give us much information other than finding out that the station was more in disrepair because it was in disrepair before the attack. She did tell us that there was a Bounty office and we said thank you and turned to leave.


“Wait, Captain, is that your ship out there on dock 12?” asked the station manager.


“Yes it is, why?” I said without much emotion.


“I have something for you.” She said as she turned and disappeared for a moment through a door way. A few moments later she comes back with a artistic, old, and carved box. “This is for you. I’m glad to finally be rid of this thing and free up some space.”


“Why is it for me?” I asked confused.


“It’s been here at the station for 200 years or so passed on from one manager to the other. A description of the ship was given and it was to be given to the captain of that ship. That ship is not hard to match to that description”


Taking the box, “Thank you, is there a room I could use that is private that I could open this in?”


“There’s an old break room down the hall there you can use”


“Thank you.” I turned and walked through the doorway and headed down the hall and into the room she pointed to. A practical joke skeleton was sitting at the table with a note about the food. Rolling my eyes I set the box down on the table and notice there is an extremely old lock that looks like it had been abused from someone trying to pry it open. I reached down to take the lock into my hand to lift and examine it. Suddenly the lock springs open. In surprise I jumped slightly along with the rest of us that I could see in my peripheral vision.


I opened the box and inside were two purple many faceted round crystals and as blue one. I picked up one of the purple ones and used my telepathy to see what I might be able to see. The skill is just emerging for me so it was difficult but managed to see that inside the crystal seemed to to have an odd image of blueprints inside it folded in on itself and they were for something that was much larger than the crystal itself.


“Interesting.” As I tell my crew what I found I picked up the blue one. As soon as I touched it I let out an exhausted grunt as 9 of my psi pool was drained. After using my telepathy again, I didn’t have any luck at all in finding anything out about it. “nothing, but it drained some of my psi power.”


I put the blue one back down and picked up the other purple one. My mind was a bit tired at that point and just didn’t seem to get much of a reading. I would try again when I got it back on the ship. As I started to close the lid, the lining fell out and an XD drive fell out of it. I picked it up and put it in my bio holster and closed the box.


The crew wanted to go to the market. I took Tucker with me as per suggestion of Thoth to take the box back to my quarters and come back to the market.


Sam, Thoth, and Yarg started looking for the red head that seemed to obsess her lately... an old friend from the Captain Mocker days. Seems she has been having a lot of dreams lately. I could relate.


The night before I had odd dreams. I dreamed I was the ship itself and yet still retained all my powers but also had all the knowledge I would ever need to run my own ship. I tried to make note of everything so I could remember. I heard a voice whisper to me that I would be betrayed twice but I would never see how one of them did. I remember laughing and saying no one on my ship or crew would do that. The ship started giving me advice but I can’t remember any of it. Unfortunately I don’t remember any of it or the knowledge of the ship but a few buttons on the command deck. But what they are named and what they really are I can’t remember. So, I might as well have not remembered anything. It makes no sense!


I started coming to forward thought as I asked a gentleman if they saw the rest of my group by a description.


“Saw them head toward the bar; it’s just that way.” As he pointed.


“Thank you,” I replied as I started walking. I felt an urgency. Suddenly I hear Sam yelling something about “Fat face” and then gun shots.


blogentry-47570-0-07977800-1438905992_thumb.jpgTucker and I started running and we tried opening the bar door. Apparently it seems a thug was standing there blocking the door and wouldn’t let us in. Yarg was standing there as well, apparently blocked from entering earlier.


I closed my eyes a brief second and teleported inside the door about 4 ft in to give me room to clear the person blocking the door. I turned to see who I passed and there was a large burly fella that looked like he would have a hard time getting in and out of the doorway. His hair was red and chopped off at the forehead and the rest pulled back into a pony tail. He had a look of horror and confusion on his face suddenly seeing me there. In a moment the expression was dismissive seeing my frame and deeming me a non-threat.


I grinned at him and he suddenly got uncomfortable. About that time Inoticed his gaze go to the floor. I followed it and saw a gun that was immediately possessed by a diving door brawler. If things weren’t so serious, I would have laughed. He pointed it at me in a crouched position then turned and pointed it at Sam.


Sam shot the other man in the room but just hit his arm. The drunk at the table shot a second after or so the red headed brawler and judging by the foam crawling up his arms and the screaming, he had the unpleasant experience of cryo rounds. I winced as I watched him just as another shot went off that someone shot that finished off the other man with flachette rounds. About that time, the the one suffering from the cryo rounds ran screaming out of the bar and fell a few steps beyond. His arms shattered when they hit the ground.


“Well that’s that.” I said. “Thoth come with me to the bounty office?”


“Yes, Captain, I want to go”


The rest of the crew continued their search for the red head or the market place.


blogentry-47570-0-38082900-1438905998_thumb.jpgWe walked into the bounty office and a unique looking man said hi.


"Nick's the name, welcome."


"This is Captain Arjii and I'm Thoth, nice to meet you"


"We are here to search for a person and possibly get a bounty license." I gave him the description of Sam's red headed friend. He put it into the computer to start searching. Thoth and I bought a bounty license for 500 each and started a scan for the red head that wouldn’t be ready till the next day.


After that, we went to the dry doc and met “Doc Doc”. I bought a refurbished fabricator for the ship, and made a tentative deal about selling some of the titanium plates. I told them I would be back the next day for my decision.


After returning to the ship, everyone chatted and went about various things. Sam had no luck with the red head. When I retired to my quarters I was too tired to even think about trying to understand those crystals. Tomorrow is another day, but that night, I had more odd dreams about the ship, betrayals, desertion, and controls of the ship.


After the encounter with Mr. Mocker, we headed back to the Sirius station. The crew immediately started working on damage on the way. However, on the way back, Horatio called me and informed me of some disturbing news.


“It seems the Ship computer is learning too much,” he said in a cryptic drone voice.


I forget he’s a robot at times and why I’m shocked he has this tone when he speaks is beyond me. “What?? What do you mean?” I replied. My first thought is “kafa, this ship is going to be the death of my mind if I don’t figure this thing out soon.” I waited for his response. He’s never in a hurry.


“Well Captain, it seems that the computer is learning from the engineer’s game. It’s learning to make a more powerful AI villan and it’s making things more difficult for the engineer to hold off. I can do a few things to keep it at bay on eaqual terms for approximately 6 months or so.”


“What about after that?” I asked in partial alarm.

“ How can we fix this?” we all chimed in unanimously.


Horatio responded with his typical droned, “Well Captain.” Then he paused for a moment. “We don’t have many options, but you could delete the files, which is an immoral act killing both the game / AI/ and the engineer....” Horatio pauses a good while. ... and I waited what seemed like an eternity. My calm went to a flaming rash aggravation with my own impatience. It just about turned into a temper but he said, “or we can find a way to enter the simulation, defeat the AI, and the computer should delete the AI itself.”


Sam piped up and interjected, “Why can’t we just take the engineer off, then the whole file set of the simulator off the ship’s computer and just shut it down?”


For the first time since I have known Horatio I witnessed him getting excited with a sort of urgency when he replied in an odd elevated tone, “Captain, I would seriously recommend not doing this, the ship’s computer is so involved in this that if we do that it would be like wiping out and erasing the ship’s computer, a wipe of data.”


“Frekin Kefa,” I mumbled. “how long is it going to take you again to get those bots done for those two?” though I knew the answer but was reverting to the comfort of gathering information while I thought things through.


“6 weeks captain,” Horatio reported.


“So how can we figure out how to get us all in that simulator in the way we need to be in order to defeat this thing? I hate fighting but if that is what we need to do in order to preserve this ship’s noodle, then that is what we need to do. The engineer is secondary to me but still important. There is still a lot about this ship that we don’t know and I have some odd feeling this part of me, ...I mean the ship, is more intelligent than we know”


Tucker blurts out in a matter of fact way, “it’s from the future.”


I have to be losing my mind because I almost blurted out, “it’s from both.” But I held my tongue as the thought came across that I’m insane for thinking something like that.


“Horatio, what do I need to do to help you get this in motion? I want this done a.s.a.p.” I asked.


“I will have to do a few things, but will do that as soon as possible Captain,” Horatio.


About that time we arrived at the station. Sam hails the station and asks to be docked at docking bay 12. It turns out it was the first one repaired. There are a LOT of odd coincidences happening now it seems. I happened to think it was a good thing we still have those warheads after that fight we just had.


I felt myself drift in an odd way into my thoughts as I thought to myself. I just want to sit quietly in my quarters and think, and more importantly, feel, in silence. I have spent so much of my life alone, I miss it... but... glad things have changed in other areas. I could grow with what I felt and thought... adjust. Now... I’m growing and new power is coming but I have no time to adjust within myself. I’ve had no chance at all since all this started almost. This ship is part of me now somehow in a way I don’t understand and I want to understand it. It’s too coincidental that it just turns up in my life the way it did. And now the ship has a mind of it’s own and learning from itself? What do I have to do with all this? Where did that ship come from. Why did that cave seem so familiar and comforting. It was so comfortable and natural yet .... my eyes grow wide with a new discovery and mumble to myself “It felt comfortable and right until I .... I felt something in there interfere and that is when all things started going crazy and exploding.”


I faintly hear, “Captain, shall we go to the...” that fades back out.


“I want to go back!” I screamed emotionally inside. Surprised at myself at such an outburst even silently, I went back to my thinking. I just want to sit in the cave again by myself with no time pressure. But I can’t, it’s gone, or at least part of it is in rubble and those beautiful crystals that shattered made tears well up in my eyes as if it was part of her shattering because I knew it didn’t want me to come back. “What is happening to me?” I thought. Maybe this is part of my coming of age and learning my powers. But with no one to guide me I feel lost. Maybe this has nothing to do with it all, but how would I know?? No one here understands Fraals, not even me, because I have been away too long I’m not afraid but I’m afraid I might be a danger to my own crew. After all, that is why my family sent me away. Something happened that scared the kafa out of them, but I don’t know what it is.


I felt a nudge and heard a faint “Captain” come from Sam.


“Hmm? .. oh yes, let’s go.” I said pulling myself back to reality. Sighing, I get myself ready to go to the station to see what we can find out.


After Sam took a 3D image of the warheads, we decided to go see Mr. X before leaving the Ross system. Sam, Steve, and I went back to the store front and Sam asked to go to a private room. After talking a few minutes with X, Sam turns on the image hologram of the warhead and Mr. X’s eyes and expression brightened. After wheeling and dealing a few minutes, he promised a great deal if we delivered them to the Sirius space port at at a particular docking bay.


“Deal,” I said in trust detecting he was being honest about it all. We would contact him tomorrow for the docking bay number.


We asked X about the brother’s keeper and folly to see if there was a bounty outstanding for them. He said there WAS but apparently it had been claimed. Not surprised we went on with the last piece of business we had for Sam.


Sam then asks Mr. X if he knew any information about the villan of her past, “The Captain”. She didn’t get any results from him at all but he said he would check in on it. He still has not found any leads on the weapons or the grenade I retained him to find for me. I hope he finds the grenades more than the weapons. The weapons were really for my crew’s interest than my own. The psi grenades were more for protection of my crew in a fight than for me.


After returning to the ship, Horatio informs me that they have sorted through the geode box for the cyan and purple crystals. There were 8 of them and it was up to me to try and put some psi pool in them and then he would test them for stability. I stood before them almost in a trance and concentrated and opened to them. They seemed to sing then I felt some of my psi power drain. It turns out that each crystal took one unit of psi power each. I put them into the cargo bay 2 to sit to be tested for stability.


As I laid down to sleep that night thinking about the crystals and seeing images of the crystals in the cave, I couldn’t help but think about what powers or powers assisting me were there that I had not even discovered yet. I was young for a Fraal, and I knew they had not all surfaced yet. I couldn’t help but wonder why my family was so afraid of me. But the past is the past and that was where it was going to stay if I could help it. However, I want to learn as much as I can from it.


The next morning, the crew did tasks that were ongoing as well as new projects. We prepared to leave for the Sirius system. When we were ready, I gave Tucker the go ahead to take us to the star port. He was a bit careless with his flippant demeanor and damaged the station dock as we left. We just kept going on my order and made the jump to deep space. They didn’t care about helping us, and being governed by no one, let them take their karmic result. That was logical and ethical to me.


We get to the sirius system and hail the station 5 days later and hail the station. We were surprised to get an alarming distress call back that said we couldn’t dock due to being attacked. Their scanners and various other systems were offline at the moment. Sam scanned for an ion trail and found one. We started tracking it and suddenly Tucker went off course. I looked at him wondering if he was drinking. We lost the trail. Sam desperately tried to find the trail again and I asked Tucker to get to the trail as fast as possible and then go half speed.


We tracked an ion trail to a very large ominous looking ship. When we caught up with the ship and hailed it, Mr. Mocker, known as the captain was on the other end of the communication.


“Finally,” he said. “I have been looking for you, and here you come to me. I want Samantha and Thoth to give themselves up, they are mine. If you do, the rest of you can go on your way.”


Sam burst out in a line of explicative's that would make a wraith pale. I could tell she was angry but also scared out of her mind. I could almost see her past there with him. I couldn’t have that for her, or at least refused to be part of making that her future.


Suddenly, as if in afterthought, Sam piped up, “I’ll give myself up if you leave Thoth here, it’s me you are really after.”


“No! I want both or you will all die” the Mocker said.


I refused immediately and he immediately cut communication and released 4 fighter ships. After thinking about where we were vs all those fighters and that mother ship, the first thing that came to me was to get behind the large ship eventually and let loose the disintegration shield. I didn’t want to use that too early because we didn’t know if we would be boarded or not and I needed to have some sort of psi powers in case.


After some maneuvering we disabled one of the fighters. Just as we did, another fighter fired and made a direct hit on the command section of our ship. Unfortunately it wasn’t a laser and knocked us all to the ground knocking Sam out. Thoth took her to med bay and discovered it was damaged in the hit but still there. He left Sam there and ran back to the bridge. We didn’t know if the first ship we took the wing off of still had guns or not but at least it was disabled in movement. Thinking about that hit, it felt like it hit me.


Angered, my temper flared and grabbed the cannon controls and shot at the ship. We all went to the glass to see it land and it hit do directly the ship just obliterated. Relieved that we had taken out two ships, it was time to get down to business. I ordered Tucker to keep the Crit on the current course but veer slightly to our starboard so that we could start positioning ourselves behind that mother ship while we fought the second two. We headed parallel in opposite direction of the mother ship.


==== Mother ship===>






<==== The Crit =====


Suddenly out of the blue, we heard Mr. Mocker say over the coms, “I underestimated you, when you see me again, things will be different.” With that he jumped and was out of sight and the two fighters left exploded.


“Green livered Frekin kafa,” I blurted out still feeling the anger from being hit and the threats made against the members of my crew that I’ve grown fond of.


“Captain..” I heard Sam say.


I turned and saw she was okay but shaken. “Yes? are you okay?”


“I’m fine Captain. I’m sorry I lost my temper earlier”


Empathetically, I turned to her with a straight on glance, “It’s understandable.. no harm no foul.” I started to turn around and suddenly stopped, turned back to her and said, “My crew is family, and we will fight for our family, if that isn’t conducive to your beliefs,” I said looking at all the crew, “then let me know and I will drop you off wherever you want to be dropped off. That is how it is done here on this ship.”


No one said a thing.


(The next few journals will be more brief and less filled out than usual due to being behind on them because of real world adventures, illness, and just plain needing to take a break due to it all.. Not to mention making the most out of the SWTOR paid sub time of a week between it all.)


After Sam turned on the tablet we hear a disoriented, “Finally, what year is it?”


“It’s 2340” I replied


After speaking with it a few moments we find out this is half of a man’s existence. The original person is Professor Luyten. The other half is Mayor Builderbuilt. Apparently they had some type of quarrel with this duel personality he had and he put his consciousness and knowledge in the black box of the space port. I was pretty blow away that someone could do that but it was clearly evident that it could be done.


“What happened, how did you find me?” he asked.


I told him the whole story about how it all transpired. After talking a few more minutes we find out that apparently the Mayor had a darker perspective of things as far as what to do with the Professor’s knowledge and discoveries; hence, the intentional separation of his knowledge, and the attempts to kill the black box. However, he didn’t do it alone. He had his chief engineer helping with the process. The engineer we found floating in the command module hanging and drifting attached to his key card was the final thing that was needed to do what needed to be done before the space port was rendered useless and powerless.


I just can’t grasp how this all could be done. And I know a lot of that information just few by my head like a turd in space. It stunk and I had no way to understand how and where this was all coming from or how it was done. The whispers grow louder as my head clouds with the information that seems to not process in my mind. However, he didn’t seem like he was trying to deceive us with the information. That much I could feel intuitively.. At least at this point in time. Perhaps the man was desperate to get out and was just being nice to accommodate his own goals.


I asked him how we could help him. I told him I respected him as a person and he as of yet has posed no hostility. I know I wasn’t the only one incredibly confused because as I looked around the room I noticed everyone else on my crew with the same expression as I felt I was feeling... numbed astonishment.


Just about the time I was looking around at all my crews’ faces, I noticed another person in the group and did a double take glance. As I locked in on the man, I realized he was a hologram that looked just like that person hanging from that key card and chain in the command center of the space port. I nudged Sam and Tucker beside me and pointed. The man started speaking, though I can’t remember what he said out of pure shock. Apparently, he was in there two but somehow in the data transfer of the Professor “the Engineer’s” consciousness was in there too and transferred onto the ship’s computers inadvertently. We were all entirely dumbstruck.


Now we had two people on our ship, one on the tablet and one in my ship’s system.


For lack of anything coherent to say, I asked the professor what he wanted to have us to to help them. He asked us to put him on the grid in that system, or to build a bot to house him... like his brother (other half) so he could walk around the world like we do. Although I wasn’t sure how he was going to get around and avoid his brother’s wrath. One thing I knew, .... I wasn’t going to let the man live on our ship for an extended period of time unless we had a reason to let him or had a new found explicit trust.


I told him I would give him 1000 credits and Tucker gave 800 toward making him a robotic body as well as for the engineer if it stretched that far. Horatio said it would take 6 weeks approximately to build them and he would start right away on ordering parts. In the end, we all went to bed dazed after turning off the tablet to put the professor asleep. The engineer was going to keep himself busy in the simulator playing the game.


As the crew was doing typical ship tasks, maintenance, and whatever other activities, Sam goes and gets the black box after being asked to find out something about it. She was enthusiastic about finding something out too. As I was sitting on the command deck thinking about what we need to do in several different arenas, the ship alarms sounded. I immediately go to the display and push a button to turn on the alarm system display. “What’s happening?” I say over the coms. No answer as I watch where whatever is happening is located.


A few seconds later the alarms stopped. “What is going on?” I say again over the coms. Turning around to go where the problem is happening, I hear as I race toward the area near my quarters where it all supposedly happened.


“Captain,” Sam said in a shaken voice. “as I was coming around the corner going toward the workshop with the black box, standing in front of me was a small armed robot. Suddenly, it bursts out into several shots! I jumped out of the way behind the wall and pulled my gun out, turned around the corner quick and shot it. It’s all in pieces.”


“I’m on my way, I want to use my postcognition to see what might have happened before that and where it came from. Nice job Sam on taking it out.” I reassured her. She was definitely shaken; that, I didn’t have to see.


“Captain,” Thoth said over the coms “I’m checking the systems and ship for damage.”


He seemed to be a bit shaken as well. I’m too focused to be shaken at this point. I reached the area where I was shown by Sam where it all happened and put my fingers to my temples and closed my eyes focusing on the robot part lying on the floor. Time reversed itself slowly like a movie running backwards gaining speed but not playing much attention to the events due to focusing on it’s origin. Suddenly the reversing stopped and events started happening.


I was focused in on the box of gold cylinders the mayor gave as a gift. Confused, I just watched things unfold for clarity. Suddenly I began to see seams in the box that were not there before. They parted and it transformed itself into a lightly built, but deadly robot. The gold cylinders were engulfed into the arms and knew right away they weren’t normal gold cylinders. They were ammo of some sort. The robot skittled away and seemed to be looking for something in the ship. The thing eventually made it’s way to the area that the encounter happened and when it saw Sam come around the corner with that black box, it immediately locked onto the black box and began shooting. It’s a good thing it was locked on to the black box rather than Sam because by the time it shot, Sam was more behind the wall than the box. The box, however, was in constant motion until it followed Sam’s pull behind the wall. The bot took a step to pursue the box when Sam popped around the corner pointing her gun letting a shot leave the barrel precisely on target. The vision goes dark for the bot and then see a few seconds of Sam looking at the pieces with her mouth gaped open. She turned her gaze to the gun in the hand then back to the obliterated bot. She seemed shocked she did it.


As the vision ended, I went to help Thoth look for the ammo that was discharged from the bot. We found holes in the unused quarters of the ship. After following the trail we saw it. However, it was much changed. It wasn’t gold at all, it was lead and it was designed to sharpen as it impacted whatever it was going to impact. Those cylinders were sharp as needles.


I asked Thoth to take them and put them in a shielded box into cargo hold 2 with the war heads.


I asked Sam to start looking at that black box immediately. She was so uptight over it all that while she was working in the workshop started screaming for everyone to get out. Everyone scattered like they were going to be hit by a frying pan. I calmly stepped just one step back just out of the door way, leaned against the doorway with my arms crossed, and watched, much to Sam’s dismay. Sam eyed me a brief moment before going back to work and said, “Sorry Captain.”


Shrugging I reached to my bio-holster, opened it with one hand and pulled out that familiar tattered piece of cloth that never seems to ravel further no matter how much I mess with it. As I twirled it between my fingers while I thought, I kept gazing at it. It was about 7 centimeters (little less than 3 inches) long and gently pointed at each end. It’s teal/cyan color seemed to shimmer in an unworldly way with hues of purple. Would love to have clothes in this I thought to myself. I noticed that as the cloth ran over my skin, it seemed to moisten it as if I put oil on it. Then I realized it renewed my skin. I looked at it and said silently to it’s spirit, or the spirit of whoever had it before, “what are you trying to tell me? You are a mysterious little joy, thank you for coming to me.” I stepped away a moment and silently walked to my quarters, closed the door and sat down on my bed. It was nice to have peace and quiet even if it isn’t very often I get it.


“It’s just you and me now” as I slid it around my fingers enjoying the shimmer that seemed to talk. “you know most people think I’m crazy when I talk about the whispers... but somehow I don’t think you think that. If people knew I was sitting here talking to a piece of cloth they would definitely think me nuts and put me in a cell. But I have learned through my short life that you can’t assume anything. to be real or unreal. It’s all real, it’s just how we perceive it. Like the difference between shadows and silhouettes. The cause is the same as is the things being affected by it. but it looks different depending on where you stand. Where are you standing? Where am I standing? And I’m trying to understand and I thank you for your gentle healing. I just thought I would let you know.”


I stood up and darted out of my room calmly walking back out to where I was standing before. I leaned against the doorway and and picked up where I left off listening and twiddling the cloth while I listened. No one noticed I was gone, if they did, they didn’t care or really take note of it. Sam was busy working on that box crunched over it like some mad scientist on a mission. I turned and leaned my back against the doorway and just got comfortable when Sam addressed me.


“uh Captain?” Sam said in a disbelieving and shocked tone.


“Yes Sam? What did you find?” curious due to her tone but still unnervingly calm.


Sam raised her back and head slightly still bent over the the box. She slowly made a pointing motion and parted her lips to talk but nothing came out. The motion continued when she softly said, “uh Captain...”


“Yes Sam,” I said calmly. “It’s okay, just tell me what it is and we can go from there.”


“Uh Captain, I am not sure how to say this...” her tone growing in volume and emphasis, “but there is a person in this box” almost to a yell she says, “not an AI, but an intelligence.... a person!” she squeaked loudly.


“Well,” I said calmly, “talk to it and find out who it is.”


“WHATTT?!!?!!?!!” she screamed in panic, “you want me to hook my head up to that thing and talk to it!!!???”


“Sure why not” I shrugged. “What’s it going to do? talk back? say nothing? That’s rather alarming isn’t it. ... Just talk to it.”


“Alright captain” she said tentatively. She hooked herself up to it and hailed it, and a few other things.


“It won’t talk to you.” Horatio said.


“Why not?” said Sam sounding somewhat indignant.


“Because it has nothing to speak or interface with.”


“Put it on the tablet.” I said.


“What?? On my tablet with all the encrypted files on it Captain?” who clearly wasn’t thinking real sharp in her excitement at the moment.


The room erupted in chatter and all sorts of potential solutions.


I took time out for a sudden urge to yawn, not having much sleep lately, then saying calmly “Take the files off the tablet and put them on the ship’s computer and put it on the tablet. That thing is old and there will be only so much that ‘person’ can do on that tablet if it gets out of hand.”


“Aye Captain, I’m on it,” Sam said as she started working on it. “Can someone please get that tablet off the bridge.”


“I will,” blurted Tucker as he ran off to get it.


“why don’t we just go to it so that if we need anything command wise we will be there” I said.


And off we all went with the exception of Horatio, who was sticking to his tasks, but I knew he would be listening through coms.

The room was full of chatter and chaotic scrambling and I was impressed Sam didn’t scream at us to get out of the room again. She seemed focused and almost calm. I thought to myself, “She’s either going to crack from stress or she’s mega focused” As I watch them get things ready I look at the controls at my captain’s chair and notice that the displays were fixed and I could now see the star date and several other functions were working. It seemed wrong here though because I asked for it to be added since everyone seemed to have taken residence on every available chair when we are all here. It wasn’t part of the ship so it didn’t feel right to sit in it. But at least it would function for what it is meant to be when I needed it or its simple interface for things like coms, turning on displays, etc. I noticed it was star date 2340, and thought to myself in 5 years it will be 2345. Chuckling to myself as I heard Sam call me.


“Captain, I’m ready to turn it on”


Walking up to the radar display we were using as a table at the moment, smiling at Sam in her element, who doesn’t notice because she is so busy, I say, “Go ahead”.


She turns the switch on......


After the battle we spent the rest of the day talking, doing simple tasks, and catching up on some shut-eye. I spent the day obsessed with learning better skills at the ship weapons. Thoth did the same. Maybe he didn’t want his tail stepped on again, or maybe he saw the need. I know that a few times I passed him, he jerked his tail close. I know that tail will come in handy one day though and I’m sure if we were on a planet that had flies it would be a damn good fly swatter.


Early the next morning, I asked the crew to do some scans on the system and ready themselves to make a journey, whether it be within the system or another jump in deep space to get to Sirius system. I really don’t want to go back there for some reason but if we can’t sell the plates to a cause that is more to our benefit than a little dirty cash then, that is what we will do. We aren’t critical on food and water yet, but I’ve not seen opportunities to buy it for the ship either. We really have had no time to even look at this point.


The scans reported an active colony with a population of approximately 86,300 that is a basic space port. The is also an unknown population research center. We decided to go the basic port first and see what we could find. I also wanted to report and/or find out about who owned those ships we just blew out of the sky. It’s Starmech Collective territory, the same as Sirius. So I can’t help but think it’s more shady than legit... but who knows, we aren’t exactly legit or faction aligned so we are no different. Faction bound to me just means brainwashed and imprisoned to their views and rules unless there is a need for global good. You can’t think freely being in a faction prison. I know my own culture seemed to freak if someone went outside the realm of what they thought should be done or think differently.


The terran is hot so I told the crew to suit up just in case. Steve was coming with me and I asked Horatio to keep the ship locked just in case and keep the coms open to us. Sam contacted the port and asked to dock for the purposes of speaking with someone about the ships we encountered. He didn’t know much about the ships other than they had a few stolen 7 cycles ago. Odd I thought, but he gave us clearance to dock and we went down. When we got there, he was going to charge us 100 credits per person to go down to ground level and said that we could go to the government sector to report the ships.


“Pfft, you obviously don’t want outside trade or relations the way you charge,” I said. I turned and said to the crew, “let’s go, there are other places to trade and if they don’t care about hostile ships in the area, then so be it. We have no business here.”


“Alright alright, ” the manager said. “How about 25 credits each and I’ll have a person take you down with them since they are going anyway.”


“Sounds like you need lunch money, ... alright, it’s a deal” I said. “Frekin Kafan crooks” I thought to myself and couldn't help but wonder if there were any societies left anymore with peaceful and ethical ways of life. Integrity is the only thing of validity we will ever have worth anything in life, why don’t people have it? It’s valuable and and the most powerful of traits, even though people prey on it at times. Frekin..., people prey on anything, might as well have something to be preyed on that is worth while.


We filed down and got to ground level in approximately 30 minutes. The city was dirty and shady looking as if it was built from stolen and pieced goods to me. But sometimes you have to utilize what you have. KaFa, it’s hot down here. One thing there was a lot of here though was automated walkways. I understood why due to the heat. Sam took care of finding the area we needed to be in, but now to find which building. After spending a couple minutes trying to see any signs, I finally saw one, we walked up to it and it was an ad. Suddenly Horatio’s face showed up on it and said,” go in this building, this is the one you are looking for.”


“How did you do that?” I said.


“Oh it’s easy Captain, it’s a very simple structure they have here.” And suddenly as quick as he appeared he was gone. I looked over and Steve was bobbing up and down with enthusiasm. The bleak ad, was back and we turned to go into the building Horatio directed us to. After a minute’s walk, we were there and walked in. The room was small but we all noticed as soon as I walked in that a holographic looking number 11 suddenly showed up on my chest. I turned back to the crew and noticed they in turn as they walked in had one too. “I’ve led a sheltered ignorant life” I thought to myself.


The receptionist behind the counter was sitting there and I walked up to her and opened my mouth to greet her. She quickly looked at me and said in a droned attitude voice, “wait till your number is called, if you require expedited service, fill out these forms in triplicate” I looked around the room and no one but us was there.


“She’s on czaf,” I thought. Well how long can it take with no one here. I turned and saw a chair and thought it a novelty to sit in it. I stand 98.5% of my waking life on the ship due to now chair to sit in other than in my quarters. I turned to sit down and before I could make contact with the seat, I hear a sharp droned yell, “ELEVEN!!!” Every cell in my skin found another place to sit a few cells away. Sam’s head tech tendrils scratched together making a tzzt sound and I noticed Thoth’s fur ripple and tail straighten like a board. Tucker had no reaction and looked like he was ready to fall asleep. How can he do that is beyond me.


I walked up to the counter and the crew followed. As she said, “how can I help you” in a non interested droned voice, I felt something on the top of my head, like an odd pulse. I rolled my eyes knowing it was Steve bobbing up and down. I couldn’t help but think that I was glad I was bald or I might not have hair in one spot.


Turning my attention back to the lady, “I wanted to speak with your emissary on a matter of two ships just outside your airspace called Brother’s Keeper and Brother’s Folly,” I said.


Tucker piped up and said, “yeah they attacked us.”


“Sir, it isn’t your turn.”


Sam chimed in, “We are in the captain’s crew.


“if you would like to take your turn at the same time as as number 11, then you must fill out these forms in triplicate and you will be called once you have an appointment.”


That won’t be necessary, I said. We just need to see the emissaries about the attack and who might have stolen these ships so that we can find out who is behind the attacks.


“Well, you will need to fill out these forms and we will contact you when we have an appointment for you,” droning on acting as if she never heard us as she handed me archaic dirty papered forms.


“Well, if you don’t care about your ships or your airspace and what might be happening in it, then I think we are done here. Good day.” I turned and motioned for my crew to leave with me and we left. When we got out the door everyone was commenting on the idiots here.


Thoth turned and said, “Captain, let’s go shopping. I need a new rifle.”


“And I need a new weapon too,” piped in Tucker. “I didn’t do so well in the simulator with these.


“Alright,” I said, “let’s see what we can find in this dump jungle. Sam, lead the way.”


We found our way to a weapons shop that you could tell delt in shady business judging by the different types of crates and lack of display of a normal shop. It was definitely a fast moving goods place it looked like. Sam mentioned about getting a bio holster, but I told her not to worry about it, I had something in mind. Sam and the shop keeper kept talking about various things. I finally asked him his name. He just looked at me about the time Sam nudged me.


“They don’t like it when you do that, Captain.”


“aaah” I said bewildered. Ethical personality that I am mixed with street protocol was like oil and water in understanding to me. Though I was getting more educated in it due to Sam, I was still far from picking up those types of things. However, I did sense Mr X to be black and white in his dealings. He seemed to have both ethics and that shady dealing tendency. My psionics weren’t fully restored yet and what pool I had I didn’t want to waste it on a stranger that gave me no reason to use them.


I noticed Steve bobbing up and down around a closed cabinet for quite some time now. “What is in the cabinet?” I said to the attendant.


“Sure but they aren’t weapons. They are some old parts.”


As I looked in there the parts looked like some winged apparatus. Steve was bobbing up and down furiously. I asked him how much they were and if thy could be delivered to the ship.


“They will be delivered to the ship pronto, and thanks for the payment.”


Steve went into bobbing hysterics as I went into bewilderment. A few split seconds later I whispered, “Horatio.”


“Do you mind if I call you Mr. X?” Sam asked the store keeper.


“Not at all, I like the name actually,” he said.


“Cool, thanks. The Captain and I like to have contacts for future business as we need them.”


“I understand,” as he pulled out a pistol from a case to show Tucker.


The pistol was definitely high tech. As he explained the features, it pretty much resembled a sawed off shotgun but in pistol form that used a 6 round clip. Both Thoth and Tucker asked me to help them negotiate a price for their wanted goods. We did so and they made their purchas decisions. Suddenly an amber light came on.


Mr. X stopped what he was doing and said, “got to hurry, heat storm coming. make your purchases and leave.”


We did and shuffled out the door after thanking him. There was just one problem. Sam had no idea where we were exactly and how to get back to the ship port. She made an educated guess and off we went. Suddenly ads turned into arrows. Horatio is at it again, I thought. “Follow the arrows,” I said.


We got back to the ship safely and everyone started shuffling to get things done.


Finally able to leave this horrible station, I couldn't' help but think about how I don’t like that Mayor one bit and neither does Sam. I’m not sure her reasons are the same as mine but I’ll be glad to get out of here. Tucker can’t get in that pilot seat fast enough for me. I don’t feel we are in any immediate danger at this point but something isn’t right and I just don’t like it.


After talking with Tucker, we decided to head to the Sirius system through the Ross system. We haven’t checked that system out and it’s the same distance travel to go that way. He gets us to the jump gate and on our way with no problems. I might like this guy after all, he’s getting much better at his driving.


During the trip the repairs to the hull and solar cell got done one day before our hop was done. The crew chilled and did various studies on some of the things we needed to do on the ship. So many things to do! Horatio found out hat the ship part is some sort of power accelerator of some sort. It’s not my realm of expertise, but I know enough that it might have been something that Mayor was after. I still don’t know what those green bricks are in that box, but I’m sure the crew will let me know what that is specifically in time as they get to it. They seem to have quite a bit on their plates with all my orders. They really are a great crew and I’m looking forward to the days that we work together well enough that some of the questioning and insecurities between us all disparate. It’s already starting to.


These logs are a bit behind because of so many things going on we just didn’t expect but I still don’t feel comfortable putting these logs on the ship’s computers till my gut settles in and feels confident about what this ship is about. I ordered the crew to get ready to end the jump and get ready to do the scans we need that we lost in the computers about this system. I always hate going into a new system because we never know if it’s a wasted trip or not... and that Mayor is not leaving my mind at this point. I need a distraction. Sitting in this ship for 5 days doing nothing but watching others be busy is driving me nuts. The whispers are getting louder for some reason but it could be that I’m just subconsciously looking for something.


I heard Tucker announce that we were about to hit the gate so made my way back to the bridge. My gosh I hope there is something useful here. Maybe a place to sell some of these plates, geodes, and gold and get some supplies for the ship and whatever the crew wants or needs to get for themselves. I’m sitting in this would be captain’s chair and realize I have no idea where the captain’s chair is. Looking down at the floor I notice a small piece of cloth that is a faded cyan color. I pick it up and puzzle at where it came from because I know no one wears that type of clothing on my crew. Maybe someone that used the ship before. It’s definitely old but still strong. I twirl and wrap it between my long spindly fingers finding it comforting and a good simple distraction. I had to chuck though... my fingers are better clothed than I am. It’s a good thing that it is accepted in general that Fraal have no clothing.... at least in most castes. Though not in mine, no one knows any different and has no idea I came from a very high caste and family of leaders. I’m glad they don’t, they were ass holes. I have a chosen family now that has no idea they are chosen family on my part.


I look up from the cloth in my fingers just in time to see us pop out of the gate. My eyes widened, time seemed to slow. My lips parted in awe and bad gut feeling surfacing as I stood slowly. “all hands to their stations, and the rest to the bridge immediately”. The crew got there quickly just as a blinking like and familiar coms sound. “Sam,..”


“I’m on it Captain,” said Sam. She turned on the communications and we had a one way message. From “Brother’s Keeper”. A very ominous voice came over the coms, “We are confiscating your cargo, prepare to be boarded.”


I heard my self say, “like hell they will” in the middle of the uproar of voices from the crew. Some panicking some getting riled up, and some “fuck” and “oh shit”’s flashing across the room in several tones. Everyone including me seemed to walk closer to the glass to peer out at the huge two ships. Then I heard Sam give her findings.


“Captain, the ships are freighters. I don’t like this.”


Gaping at the ships with a discerning eye, “I don’t either Sam. Try and hail them Sam, Thoth help her if needed. I don’t think they are willing to have a chat over tea, but it’s worth a try to find out more.” They got to work on it but came up with no response and reported though they didn’t have to. Just as they finished reporting, Brother’s Keeper moved in toward us as a slow and steady clip and hearing explicative language start flying around the room.


Yarg walked up closer, “This isn’t good Captain, what are your orders.”


“Tucker, move toward 9 o'clock positon to the brother’s keeper but closer That will put some distance between the other ship and us. I don’t want both of them. Still not knowing my crew well enough, “who has systems weapon experience” as I walk over to a manuscript I had been reading to learn that skill with my new acquisition of this ship, but never finished. Scanning the pages sucking in as much information as I could and still pay attention, I heard no one respond. “Fetkin KaFa” I cursed to myself. I have a competent new and young crew but no one that is a gunner. Wonderful! Rubbing the pages as if they would absorb into my mind just by feeling them, I finally said, “Horatio, do you have gunner skills?”


“I can Captain but it will take a bit to load that program up”


“Captain,” Sam said. “The Keeper scanned us”


“Do it, now! Hearing a “yes Captain” as if it was faded from my ears because my attention went to the star gate coming up fast instead of where I asked Tucker to go. I realized Tucker in his nervous green piloting skills miscalculated and almost hit the star gate and are further away from the keeper and potentially blocked into a dangerous position. “Fetkin KaFa Tucker, no that way!”


“Sorry Captain,” Tucker said. Clearly nervous as hell and beside himself he attempted to rectify the problem, however it just got worse.


“Tucker, it’s okay, take a breath and stay right here and calm yourself so that you can think and do your magic.”


“Aye Captain”


The Brother’s Keeper still coming closer at a steady pace. Sam standing there like a seshayan in over-bright light. “Sam, try and find another scan to see more about that ship. Thoth, .... skills or no skills, use the plasma guns and shoot that hunk of KaFa”


“Right away Captain!” she belted excitedly.


Watching him, his tail was jerking all over the place in his excitement. “He’s going to Fetkin miss” I thought to myself. The shot goes off and we all watch the plasma tail as it flies far from the ship right past and off into dead space. “Horatio, you ready to shoot those guns yet?”


“No Captain, it will be a while yet” as we realized the Folly scanned us again.


Bewildered I looked at Thoth, “Try again, this time hit the Fetkin thing.” Thoth turns back to the controls and that tail switching, twitching, and swishing all over the place, my temper immediately flared. I watched his tail and waited for the swish part of his tail movement as I thought about making him do the floors. When his tail got close to the floor, I firmly stomped on it to stop it. Thoth immediately went in a high frozen stance, head erect, and fur standing straight out on end.


“Now shoot!”


Hearing low semi painful growls, he shot. We all watched with baited breath as that trail went dead ahead toward the Brother’s Keeper. The room erupted as the shot grazed what looked like the ship’s engineering section and mostly one of the cargo bays. Cargo started shooting out of the ship and other cargo slowly drifting near by. Thoth’s face lit up. “Well done!!” everyone barked and cheered.


“Tucker, move us away from the star gate now. Sam, do a scan on the other ship and find out what you can, please” Turning to Yarg and reverting to my native syllable speech again, “Zarg and Sam, feedback on strategy” as I scan and turn pages to the book in my hand again listening attentively.


“Captain, the other ship is called Brother’s Folly and it is the same type of ship, a freighter. I hate to say this but you might need to consider using you and your ship’s ..... talents,” said Sam. “I know what it does but, I think you might need to consider it.


“Captain, I think taking into consideration of our ship fighting skill lack we might want to use your one talent to get out of here”, said Yargblat


Half watching Tucker move us,I breathed a sigh of a relief as he got us a bit away from the star gate but still way within range of my “talents”. “Noted, thank you for your feedback.” I paused 10 seconds to think, which seemed to be an eternity. I walked over to the gun controls, nudged the tail cradling Thoth out of the way. I used my intuition, clairvoyance, and perception, I scanned the keeper to see whatever else I might see so far out in front of us. Engineering was still in tact and also saw two laser guns of some sort. Focusing on the controls I said in my mind, “whisperers, if you are there, help steady my hands so that we might all live,” and as soon as the feel was right, I shot the plasma cannons.


We all watched the stream of trails as before and realized I missed the engineering bay but we watched the ship take a bad hit on several cargo bays. Everyone cheered as we watched cargo shoot all over the place. Meanwhile, the Folly moved in closer as well and scanned us again.


The keeper let loose laser shots toward us. Everyone braced seeing the imminent hit coming. It was dead on target with incredible precision coming straight for engineering. “Come on Crit (Arjii’s pet name for my ship), don’t fail us now”, I said softly. Impact came, and heard a soft “TZZzztt”. Thoth and Sam scanned the ship for damage, and there was 0 damage. Several more shots came and the folly again scanned us. The strange hull was impervious to laser damage it seemed due to the light based material it was made of.


Suddenly with everyone feeling more confident, I turned and said “Everyone take a turn on the guns, Sam, you’re up. Tucker move us between the two ships away from the star gate and stay in gun range of the keeper” He did well and moved us in the correct direction.


We all seemed to have an affinity for the cargo bays because we all hit them, but it still kept closing in. Horatio was almost ready as well. After a few turns, that ship had zero cargo, but still very much operational, despite one of the hits hit the command bridge. The folly had gotten within shooting distance almost as well on the opposite side of us.


Horatio was ready finally and took his turn. His hit hit the engineering bay. It looked like the keeper was finally dead for the most part but the Folly was almost right on top of us within boarding range as so was the seemingly dead keeper.


“Tucker, when I say, get us out and away from these two ships to the NW. As I use that Devastation shield, move us out immediately... our lives depend on it”


“Aye Captain”


My fingers curled around the edge of the radar table and closed my eyes. The whispers were loud. If I had not had so much on my mind it might have over taken my mind. I took a deep breath and unleased the DS using all my psionic pool. Everyone was watching the ships thankfully because when I unleashed that talent, I felt myself black out temporarily, slumped to the floor, and gasped. It was as if electricity came through every part of my cells and exploded through and out of my finger, toes, eyes, and the top of my head. Drained completely, I struggled to get up just in time for me to see that Tucker was successful in his maneuver. I breathed a sigh of relief and pulled myself up to a standing position. I was drained but okay. After seeing the tail end of the shield expanding I realized that the shield just expanded out like a laser wall just obliterating 90 percent of what was left of the keeper’s innards. The folly looked damaged but no way to tell how damaged. It was still heading in the direction it was heading, and so was the keeper. The folly was headed straight for a collision course with its brother. The Folly was definitely not in control of itself. It made no attempt to even swerve.


The fireworks from the collision seemed like a gifted celebration. The light hitting all our shocked and rejoicing faces seemed surreal to me. As everyone cheered and started talking about it all, I sat down in a chair exhausted I said to Tucker, “get us close to the star gate, Tucker”.


“The Crit, served us well,” I said silently to the whisperers.


Captain Arjii's Log: Adventure 4 Part 1


"I'm so drained" I say to myself as I try and think standing at the bridge. Tucker just got us to the star gate after an incredible battle testing us all out, but then blurt out "Hold that order Tucker, I need time to think and there is no hurry. I made a hasty order out of my exhaustion, we need to do some scans and explore this area here."


"Aye Captain", Tucker said, turning back around to carry out the order.


I'm a new captain, and young at that. For all sense of the matter, I shouldn't even have a ship, but I do. I can’t help but wonder if it was given to me for a reason by whoever is doing all this whispering, if the people doing the whispering are pissed at me for somehow obtaining the ship by accident, or a plethora of any other reasons. All I know is I didn’t intentionally take it. Somehow, in an odd way, that ship is my mate for life I think and somehow it’s living and not just a piece of molded steel, chips, and weld. I feel it's emotions and care about it. I have no problem understanding why my family and society threw me out to an apprenticeship forever gone from them. I won't pretend to be a knowledgeable and experienced captain when I'm not. I'll earn that respect legitimately or not at all in time.


There is something about this place, and that sigil I saw on those ships. All my thoughts were scattered from all my psionic powers being drained. it's disorienting, though technically my brain can think fine without it, for some reason my psionics have became more of a part of me emotionally and relying on the power just being there and the first time it's ever totally been drained from me. It's as if the liquid from my body has been drained. Amazing how much I rely on it's lubrication to my soul. i can still hear the whispers though. Abilities are here but just can't use them. "Odd feeling, but... I must think." While the crew are doing assessments and checks I close my eyes and think back over the week's events that seemed to start just a day ago, yet, feels like it's been a year:


As Tucker and I got ready to go into the space port, I had this odd feeling things weren’t going to turn out like we planned. Suddenly I hear Sam’s voice. She woke up from her nap apparently. She always has this street sense something is going on. I had to chuckle that she as as intuitive/paranoid as I was intuitive to the point of not getting enough information without answers that I get paranoid to watch out for everything.


Thoth and Yarg stayed on the ship doing repairs when all said and done while Sam, Horatio, Tucker, and Steve came with me. Steve, ... my thoughts went to Steve while walking down the corridor. I know he is Horatio’s creation but I can’t help but think he’s not as much Horatio’s creation as he is a living person inside those bucket of bolts. He has this inquisitive, innocent, and wide world fascination in his eyes. I like the little shit but don’t know why. It’s like he wants to help but lost in his little world at the same time. I can’t help but think he’s trying to communicate when he wants to but I just can’t hear him or too dense to notice the communication when he decides to. Horatio, he’s a unique one. Definitely robotic, but in between the functions he’s programmed himself to care... I think. But care about what is the question. Does he have the capacity to care about us as his crew? Or is he just obligated to it because he gave that commitment or was ordered. “omg, my head. I got to quit thinking and pay attention,” I say to myself.


By this time I notice we are at the first door and all power is out, not even life support. We head back to the ship and Yarg, thoth, and Horatio connect the ship to the station to power it. Just in case, after leaving Horatio put a bio lock on to protect the ship just in case something happens. “Nothing is ever simple anymore,” I thought to myself. We make our way back to the box of what we now know as plant matter, pick it up and head to the engineering room that has the ship part. Horatio and Thoth take the ship part and start heading to the ship with it. The rest of us, including the incessantly bobbing Steve, head to the command room.


Upon entering the command room we notice right away that the bodies piled in the middle of the floor before were gone. We assumed they disappeared when the port elevator started working. We checked the freezer and I asked Tucker to check for burns on the insides of their mouths. HE couldn’t tell much from his check with them being so frozen. I tapped into this raging headache from the lack of psionic usage and all those whispers and used all the intuition I could muster along with my clairvoyance and perceptions. I noticed a body by the door and found out that they were not killed by exposure as we were told previously... they were murdered... at least the ones in here. I picked up 250 credits from the body and we headed to the south room off the command center.


Inside we found a black box for the station. I asked Sam to disconnect it and take it back to the ship. Right about the time she got it unhooked, we all turned as we hear the port elevator start running.


“Sam, get that black box to the ship or hide that thing in a place we can walk out of here with it and come back asap” I barked quietly with quite the urgency.


“Right away Captain!” Nervous and twitchy as she was, she operated and carried herself with great professionalism.


“Quite the street freak that one is,” I thought to myself. “I’m glad she is on my side because I have a feeling one day she will be formidable in ways people don’t expect.”


“Done Captain,” Sam whispered back a short time later just as the door opened to the port elevator. Ominously 12 heavily armed robots and Mayor Builderbuilt filed out of the elevator as we stood at the south door. The robots all spread out at the edges of the room making them more intimidating, which is probably by design by the Mayor. I looked at the surroundings to keep in mind what options we might have. Through the door to the west toward where my ship was, I could see Tucker back down the hall with his shot gun in hand.


“Thank gosh the treasure freak has some good combat sense” I said to myself finding myself chuckling out loud softly.


The mayor broke the silence and my chuckle turning his cold gaze at me saying very cold, pointed, and robotic, “Thank you for getting the space port operational, and what are you doing in here?”


Looking at him as I thought to myself, “That’s rather contradicting. thanking us for getting the start port running yet asking what we were doing here. Not a very smart robot to be a mayor.” Feeling myself take a calm breath matching his coldness and with a flippant attitude, “It’s not operational, we hooked up my ship to power the station so we could get in here to see what we could do to get this station operational like you requested. It’s far from operational like you requested.”


“It’s operational now for our needs, we can do the rest now, you are no longer needed and have fulfilled. We can get the water up before you leave and disconnect your ship. You can leave any time if you wish, we will take it from here.”


This guy is wacked and as crooked as scoliosis,” I thought to myself. That statement is a long way from working together to get the station fixed, trade operational, and working together on trade. Now he wants us to leave a.s.a.p. and it’s not fixed at all except for the power. And with no space ship, he has no way of developing any trade.... it makes no sense other than he has ulterior motives that I’m not liking the feel of at all and I don’t even know what they are yet! “There is one matter we have not attended to yet,” turning on as much charm as I could turn on for a robot. “The matter of the trade of getting this station up and running and our reward for doing so. That gold gift you gave us we left on the landing pad in good faith to show you we weren’t here to take advantage of you and your request for help. However, since you have pretty much told us we weren’t needed anymore and you got what you wanted, the matter of our trade is at hand.”


“What would you like in return,” the Mayor asked almost surprised. Perhaps he thought the armed robots would deter us from completing the trade, though now obvious it didn’t work.


As the shrewd bargaining part of my personality came out in very matter of fact expectational air surfaced, I said, “my cargo hull filled with metallics with one crate of geodes to finish filling it up the rest of the way.”


“All we have are titanium plates.”


“That will be fine, we have repairs to make” I said. “Damn lizard.” I thought to myself with an inner chuckle. “Also, unless there is a problem that I’m not aware of, is it okay if we go down to the colony to buy supplies?”


“I suppose so, you may have access to the downtown market area,”


Sam piped up and asked, “Can we use the elevator to go down or do we need to take a pod down?”


“You can use the elevator, now if you will excuse me,” he said directly with an impatient tone wanting to get to what he wanted to do.


As I gently tell the crew to go, I turn back and look at the Mayor standing there cold as ice, “is it okay if we do some repairs first to the ship and then leave, or would you like us to go immediately?”


“You can make the repairs, then leave” the Mayor said as he left leaving the robots to stay.


I noticed more robots coming in and busy doing tasks and itching to leave, I said, “Thank you.”


After returning to the ship, having a few discussions about the ordeal, Horatio stayed with the ship along with Steve, the rest of us went down to the elevator. At the bottom of the elevator and cabby was there waiting for us. We told him where we wanted to go, he driver said, “you have access to that sector” and he started driving. 30 minutes later, we arrived in the area we were to shop. I paid the cabby and we turned to look at the area. We quickly realized there was a big problem... the signs were in an augmented reality language that none of us could understand.


Sam whipped out her goggles and quickly made an alteration to them. Unfortunately, it was going to be a permanent one. She put them on and she could see her matrix world language and had no problem figuring where things where. However, they didn’t seem to have any shops we needed supplies from along with a few other types of supplies. The effort to find out where other places were with the suit time we had left wasn’t worth the effort and decided to leave and go back.


I paid the cabby again and had him take us to the landing pad near the port elevator. Again he drove us there and 30 minutes later arrived.


“Tucker, go ahead and get that box of gold cylinders and let’s go.” I said.


“Right away!” he said. Excitedly the treasure whore did what he was told with exquisite enthusiasm and efficiency. We talked with each other all the way back to the ship. As we entered the ship Sam put her goggles on again.


For a brief second, I couldn’t help but wonder what it was like to be in her world and how fascinating it would be to enjoy a matrix grid world as well as the physical one. But I guess we have all our own duel worlds; I have mine and my whispers and psionic duality, and I’m sure....


“AAaahhhh!!!!!!!” came a scream from Sam.


Jerking around, I found Sam taking off the goggles and dropping them, “What’s wrong!?” I calmly said. Though the calm aspect of my personality was on the higher end of calm almost to the alarmed stated admittedly not used to hearing Sam scream.


“There is someone on the ship, I saw them!” she said in a high pitched panicked voice and visibly shaking.


“Oh”, I said. I looked around and saw no one and thinking to myself, “Is that all,” used to odd things like that due to my race, psionic abilities, etc. When I saw no one around, I said “let’s look around for what Sam might have seen”


Everyone started looking around the ship for anyone that wasn’t supposed to be there only to find nothing.


Sam went to sick bay to get help with the trauma. I finally went back to sick bay after a search and said to her, “It will be okay Sam, it’s probably the person responsible for the whispers. Come with me if you are feeling up to it. I headed over to the wall and used my clairvoyance to study the room Horatio was in and saw no one in there with him, then headed to the storage room steve was in. He had been totally pre-occupied in there ever since we got back to the ship earlier that day. I didn’t seem to be able to use my clairvoyance or postcognition at all to find out anything there. I resorted to Sam’s abilities.


“Sam, I want you to stay calm and put your goggles back on and see if you can see anything at all” I said.


“Yes Captain,” and she slowly raised her goggles but her hands shook so hard that when she just got them on her face, to try and use them they fell shattered when they hit the ground.


My sympathy surfaced, “Sam, it’s okay. My intuition tells me that that whoever they are aren’t a threat and are part of this ship in some way. No, I don’t know that for sure but I feel no threat from whoever you saw and I totally believe you saw them.”


Sam seemed appreciative and had her ushered off to rest for the rest of the day. The rest of the crew assessed the damage and how long it would take again and much to my mind bending excitement, it was only going to take 4 days to repair instead of the 8. So our food supply wasn’t going to suffer as bad due to not having the recycler. Calculating in my head that means we only lost 2.25 weeks of food for 12 people, translating that to.......(thoughts fading out till the next entry)



(The events of this night's game were so massive that this will be incredibly brief in comparison due to the enormity of events that night and the time it takes to write the blogs to begin with is a large chunk of time anyway. I do have a life and have spent more of my life writing the blogs than I have in the actual game play. But I love what I do with this and great writing exercise for me. By the way, these blogs are first drafts unedited. I don’t have time to go back and polish and edit.)


With all of us back on the ship, including Horatio and his little pal, Tucker, obsessed about those 4 large unopened crates, Tucker hounds us all till we give in to get them opened. Apparently we need to forget formalities when he is obsessed with something. I had to chuckle at his obsessive attributes in treasures. It's all good and entertaining within reasonable ranges.



blogentry-47570-0-04198100-1437111137_thumb.jpgHe failed to open it with the crowbar, and grew even more frustrated when Sam came in and used her talents to simply hack it open along with the other three in a couple seconds making the whole situation even more entertaining. Inside the boxes was 4 more warheads. So, we have 5 war heads we have no use for with the ship, but they might bring a good price for some trade sometime in the future.


blogentry-47570-0-75859900-1437110970_thumb.jpgThoth created some shot for a sawed-off shot gun using some lead we had in the stores it wasn't a terrible use of materials, but I hope his skill in these matters gets better soon due to waste. He then tried to create some ammo for another gun much more complicated. He made a miscalculation and used the entire ship's supply to make one bullet much larger than it should be. He decides to throw the bullet into the recycle bin. Thoth's wings are always in the way and hiding what he was doing till it was too late. Several of us tried to stop him when we realized what he was doing, and in my haste to stop him being the closest to him I hit his hand and sealed the farkin deal so to speak. I inadvertently helped him drop the oversized bullet into the recycler. Sure enough, in approximately 5 minutes the thing exploded putting a micro hairline crack into the hull of the ship, broke the recycler badly to the point of it being offline, and damaged a power cell.


Stunned, I watched Thoth, feeling bad about the incident, try to fix the recycler with what supplies we had left in the ship. Thoth forgot to turn the power off on it and crossed some wires ended up with 3rd degree burns on his hands, blindness from the light from the blast due to being seshyan, and a level three stun. Tucker escorted him to the med bay and patched him up with what knowledge he had. He actually did better than we expected him to be able to do. I'm thankful.


After recouping a bit Thoth finds that it will take him alone 8 days to repair the recycler using the ship supplies we had if he ran into no problems. I asked him to start immediately becuase our food supply will suffer worse because even at 8 days we will loose 4.5 weeks of food for 12 people because of the importance of the recycler.


We didn't have the materials to repair anything but the recycler but it is in the forefront of my mind to get the hull and power cell fixed a.s.a.p. One wrong move with Tucker's wild hair driving and we might not have a ship left with that already existing damage. In an effort to let things calm down for myself as well as the crew, I turned to Horatio and said welcome to our ship and retarded crew. I asked him if it was okay with him that I would like to get to know him a bit better and ask some questions. He calculated the time he had to do that being many more lifetimes than I would ever see in some numberic cycle amount. For a moment I stared at him blankly at the number remembering he wasn't on space crack, he was robotic.


Composing myself and getting my thoughts together after the mind numbing time frame amount and asked, "Do you know why you were sent with us? were you in danger too?"


"Calculating..." Horatio said, and we waited a few moments. "With what information that I have it's is most probable that the reason I was sent with you is that Charity wanted to make sure that you got Zarg and all of you back to the ship safely and away since you wanted to save him from an untimely splitting headache death. And though I was ordered to take you, the rest of that percentage was to ensure I didn't suffer the consequences of a problem from me taking you out of there with the prisoner."


"How long will you be with us?" I asked.


"Until I leave or I remake myself again", Horatio replied.


Rubbing my temples from the headache that was raging in my head with all that has happened as well as the whispers seeming more loud than they normally are, I looked back to Horatio. "I see. Do you think we will have a problem going back to the city to keep my promise to the mayor?" Though Thoth was in that hole working away, he could hear the conversation apparently because I telepathically kept hearing him ask silently all these constant questions for him but not saying outloud. Probably afraid I'd smack him due to the mess he got us into. But I thought they were good questions, much of them my own as well.


blogentry-47570-0-70968100-1437111431_thumb.jpg"What promise is that?", asked Horatio. I explained the offer that the Mayor proposed and quickly replied before I had a chance to take in a breath from the explanation, "There is a 66% chance that they will want to hear what you have to say before doing anything because they want that station operational for trade.


"I see." Rubbing the side of my head seeing Thoth's tail sticking out of the hole on the inside of my ship wagging back and forth restraining the urge from the flare of temper suddenly to pull it for blasting a hole in it to begin with. The next breath i resisted the urge to laugh after the wave of temper subsided. I decided to ask one of his questions mixed with one of mine. While asking my question, "What are the chances that they will use their firearms that they do have on us if we go down there or to the station to get supplies to fix the ship?"


"There is a 66% chance they will not shoot if we are at the station because they will not want the station to be harmed. The mayor is the one intent on getting it fixed, the rest of the populace is content with where they are and the resources they have."


There is that 66% chance again and it makes me suspect the mayor more than ever of possibly being part of the whole catastrophe there. Though my intuition and own calculations thinks it would probably be higher that they wouldn't... but not sure why other than it seemed like that Mayor was intent on getting our help with that star port.


"So, Horatio. If you had the choice to go back to your home city with everything okay for you and no repercussions, or stay here with us being part of my crew permanently, which would you choose?" I notice Horatio and his little friend talking to each other quietly


"Calculating... ... ... I feel more comfortable in space"


Waiting for more and not getting more of an explanation, "So does that mean you would like to be part of my permanent crew?"


"Well yes."


"well in that case, what do you think you can do to contribute skill wise?"


"What do you want me to do?"


"My philosophy as a captain is to have everyone do what skills they love to do first, then others secondary. Because if everyone is happy with what they are doing then that makes for the best and efficient team working crew."


"I can do a number of things but one thing i can do is upgrade your ship components as a permanent job."


"I see! I like that idea.You will be asked to do other things of course at times but consider it your job then. You will need to let me know what you need to do the upgrades along with what types of upgrades so that I can plan"


"I will need full access to the workshop and data core for that"


As I say "That's fine", I hear Thoth as I look over to that damn tail of his sticking out of that hole chattering in his head to tell him to look out for any AI programming while he was at it. I passed that along.


"We don't have to do that" Horatio said.


Suddenly Thoth popped his head out of the hole right next to his tail and couldn't help but wonder how he bends like that. Farking lizard I thought to myself as he piped in, "Why not!??" Realizing he blurted all this out, he suddenly like lightning put the flare of the end of his tail over his mouth looking at me, then slunk his head back into the hole disappearing to continue his work. But I could tell by the swish of his tail he was happy as hell he asked. "Damn lizard" I thought as I chuckled.


"Don't you hear the whispers?" asked Horatio surprised he asked the question.


"OMG I do! Ever since that ship came to me!" I blurted out. "Thank the whisper gods someone else can hear them! I just wish I could understand them."


"They don't want you to understand them right now"


"I can respect that, though I can't understand them, I have heard them so long that I would miss them if they were gone and I respect their stance on that.. I'm sure they have good reason." After a moment I asked, "So now that you are going to be on my crew, what about your little friend here? Does he want to stay as well? and what is his name?"


"His name is Steve". At his response, Tucker chuckled and at the same time, I look over and I could tell Thoth was laughing his ass off by the movement of that damn tail rolling over several times and hearing the roars. Rolling my eyes I continued, "Nice to meet you Steve. Horatio, can you make one like him for me? You see I'm a bit on the fragile side physically and would love to have one like Steve with me"


"No, I started making him when I was in an earlier build"


Tucker finally piped up, which was unusual to have him silent for a whole 5 minutes, "well can you scan him and get the plans?"


"Ask him.".... "Steve said no"


"Ah damn" Tucker blurted and I also blurted the same thing in my thoughts.


"What can he do besides lift things?"


"I don't know yet, but he can do many various things."


I assumed in his response that it meant he was learning like any of us does in life. I found it fascinating and a wee bit envious of Horatio to have a friend like that. But I was also glad he did. "I ask because I like to know my crew, and I like Steve and would like to get to know him better just as I do you"


"He said he wants to get to know you better too"


Suddenly for the first time in my short life I blushed for some damn odd reason. Looking to Horatio, "So, before I make my decision on what to do next I want the feedback of all my crew. Station first to steal materials for the ship, or try and communicate with the Mayor first, be up front with what we need, and take the gold he gave with us on the way back, if we make it out alive."


blogentry-47570-0-49828700-1437111149_thumb.jpgTucker piped up and said he wanted to go to the star port first and get that ship part, those green bricks, and the plasma torch to tear down some walls for repairs. Dayum, he's destructive and energetic, I thought laughing. However, if we tear down walls for materials that would make fixing up the star port a bit more difficult if we worked out a deal with the mayor.


Thoth poked his head out near his ass again and said "Star ship for parts".


"YOU are staying here, either way, to repair that damn recycler" as i grinned at Thotch both in humor and in a look of karma. I saw the tip of his wing wilt right along with this tail as he turned and went back to work. "Damn lizard," I thought. I looked around and finally said,"Well, Horatio, Steve, Tucker, and I will go to the space port and see what we can discover about that ship part and those green bricks then we will decide what to do from there. When we get back with whatever decision we come to then Horatio can start on seeing what he can do for the ship. Suit up Tucker, let's get going"


Tucker pulled out his crowbar and excitedly got his suit on. You could tell he was about to bust to get out and start busting things up or finding treasures. We all geared up and Tucker got into the flight seat and safely got us to the space port again.


Before leaving with Tucker, I thought to myself I have to trust someone at some point, and I quietly went to Sam's room while sleeping and left a note beside her bed.


Those poor bastards on the station is all I can think of sitting in my captain's chair with all the chatter in the room about what just happened. i get why they might have died due to exposure of no atmosphere, but what I don't get is why they were piled up in two rooms. I have the capacity and talent to develop any talent I want, but what would be most useful to assess what might be best for my crew and ship is the question. I know the crew doesn't think me much of a leader due to my calm and quiet nature and lack of technical skills. But here I am.


Though lost in my own thoughts, i'm totally taking in the conversations going on in the room and listening to each person's perspective and suggestions. I have no desire for power; however, at the same time, this is my ship and they are hired as my crew and deserve to be respected in a mutual way in this area. Somehow I need to find a way to gain trust and the ability to inspire them. With my past I have never been a leader, I've always been looked down on as a disgrace, shame and shoved off to an apprentice job when I should be high caste, all because of fear of my abilities. I don't want to misuse them for power, nor do I want to use them on my own crew. Shoving my thoughts aside into the background, I just keep listening to my crew somehow enjoying each of their personalities and perspectives. I can't help but smile as much as a calm-natured person can.


After listening to my crew for a good hour they finally looked at me and Sam asks, "Captain, what do YOU want to do?"


"I think Sam is right, except I want to suit up and all of us go as a team into the shuttle pod and go down and see what we can see at a safe distance of the colony. Depending on what we see, we will know what to do next."


So we did, but all I could think was, may the pilot gods help Tucker drive. if he makes my knuckles any more white at times, my skin may loose what pigment I have left.


We get down to approximately 8k away from the domed colony making a circle pattern around the perimeter and we see what we think are people.... a LOT of them. After listening to my crew I made the the decision to descend our circular pattern to approximately 4k away and assess things from there.


After issuing the order I moved up to the glass on the inside of the pattern to ready myself to use some of my assessment skills before we even think of landing. Suddenly the ship started spinning out of control and found my face and mouth smashed up against the glass. My crew would have heard a un-captain like scream had it not been for the fact my mouth was pressed up against the glass so hard that the air just got trapped in my cheeks making me look like a croaking earth frog. Thank the panic gods for glass at that point in time. My eyes grew wide as we came within a few meters from the ground as Tucker regained control doing a rude nasty flyby down one of the streets of the city.


I realized these people were people of sorts but robots. Robots with a caste system? How odd. Thankfully, Tucker regained control of the ship just in time.


"Thank the pilot gods" i said to myself as I noticed my nerves seemed to be crawling all over my skin instead of inside it where they should be.


After we all looked around to see where we might want to land, I gave the order to land on the landing pad which was totally deserted. Thankfully the landing was smooth and thought to myself I get to live another few hours till Tucker has to drive again. I must encourage him to get some simulator time in when we get back to the ship. May the gods supposedly out there help us all till we can get our shit together and throughout this colony visit both.


As soon as we exited the ship, we turned around and immediately saw a what looked like an armed vehicle coming down the road toward us.


"wonderful, they liked our flyby so well they sent a welcome party to express their happiness and elation" I thought.


Several robots got out of the vehicle. One looked a bit more refined and advanced. It came forward and said that his mayor wanted to speak with us. We all got into the vehicle and for a good while, nothing was said at all. Sam asked him what his name was. His name was "Horatio build 5". After several questions, we found out that he built 5 versions of himself. However, with each build he didn't take his memories of it with him. Seemed to me if he was that advanced to do that he would have made sure that it was carried forward. Maybe he lacked something to do so. He had a little robotic pet with him that never touched the ground. He didn't hover, but never touched the ground. After asking questions about him, we find out he has the same technology as my ship's propulsion system. Quiet but more powerful than the current general global technology. I'm totally infatuated with it and kept watching it. Now that is a friend that could understand me I think to myself.


blogentry-47570-0-80298400-1437073153_thumb.jpg After a 30 minute drive through the city, we finally arrive. Horatio stays outside while we continue. When we enter, it looks like a very fancy long airlock, perhaps from a past large ship stranded then built around. As we walk we notice that we slowly feel the place being pressurized. We enter the mayor's office. He was friendly and welcoming; however, we all can't help but feel extremely leery. His name is Mayor Builderbuilt.


He explained that the robots there used to work with the humans in the space port. But over time the humans started fighting among themselves and eventually killed each other off. He asked us if we would be willing to work with them in getting the space port up and running again so they had a means of trade. I couldn't help but wonder why they didn't do it themselves. They obviously had the technology to build a ship if they could rebuild themselves.


He offered us a gift of several bars of gold. We didn't accept it yet and I asked if he minded if we went back to the ship to talk about it and rest, then return the next day to give him our answer. He said he would have it sent with us to be put on the landing pad so that we could pick it up whenever they wanted.


Something nagged at me about no bio humanoids not being there. I reached out to Horatio and asked him if there was any bio oriented beings in the city. He said there was one. He said there was one, a Mechalus, and that he was in the courts on trial as we spoke. I asked him if he could take us there and he obliged.


We entered the court room and in the center was a Mechalus with his back to us with a ceremonial ribbon wrapped around his wrists. He could have left any time but didn't. He was on trial for being neither robotic or human. With Mechalus, if one is stripped of one side or the other, they cease to live. However, it turns out that the law of that society is that you have to be one or the other to be there. HIs trial was about him choosing a side and the other side being stripped.


blogentry-47570-0-60988200-1437073164_thumb.jpgThe court system consisted of a mainframe of sorts, with two others that were part of the core system there; Charity and Chastity. I could only see Chastity from a distance, however, we met Charity.


Sam went and talked with the Mechalus. His name was Yargblat. All I can think of when I first saw her was how hot she was for a machine and how human like she was. I asked Horatio if I could speak with her on behalf of the Mechalus. We needed more crew and he was going to die if he had to choose a side, my empathy and sympathy are strong in this situation I noticed... perhaps due to my past. Either way, I was determined to help try and get him out of that mess whether he chose to join us or not.


I couldn't help but think about his name, Yargblat. in my society's tongue Y was pronounced Z. and Z was pronounced like a Y. The same went for P and F. Many times in the past I would say something like, "if you do not do this fart with your pinger, you cannot work with zour fartner" and I would get mercilessly antagonized on how illiterate I was. But I didn't care. I will call him Zarg. However, my logs will be pronounced correctly with whoever reads them.


I spoke with her and was honest about my approach and reasons for wanting to help him. She said they would take that into consideration. The trial commenced, Zarg made a good argument for himself and the court adjourned for 200 cycles to come up with a verdict. A few minutes later, Charity, popped her head out from behind a door and motioned to me urgently to come over. We all went along, as did Horatio.


"You need to leave NOW with Yargblat". She looked at Horatio and continued, "you must go with them" with an air that he was in danger as well. We all didn't understand it fully since Horatio had nothing to do with any of this. We left immediately and went back to the landing pad. The gold was left on the landing pad, Sam unlocked the pod, and we all climbed in. Thankfully Tucker made a smooth takeoff and dock to the ship.


We decided to dock at the B dock and after suiting up made our way as a team through the dark corridor. Odd at first because we were still in the gravity range of the ship putting us to walking on the sides of the walls as if walking on the floor.


After a short bit we found ourselves making the awkward transition of walking on the wall to the floor.The first few doors we came to required a security key card of some sort to open. However, even if we had the card required there was no power.

We passed what looked like was an access shaft and headed straight to what looked like it might be the command center of the station. The door had an advanced door mag lock and there was no way we could access that without power.




When we exited the shaft, another door to the command center was to the right and a hall with more doorways to the left. We turned left and started checking the doors. The first door on the right was a number entry lock and we could not tell what was on the other side. By this time we all had the creeps and were a bit paranoid about what might be on the other side due to the power being off. However, I used my clairvoyance to look past the door into the room. There was a man in a dirty engineering looking suit that was floating in the room attached to a chain that had a key card at the other end stuck in the slot. Because my skill is just beginning to expand I couldn't see much more through this attempt. Rather freaky feeling we are all getting at this point and we decided to take the access shaft north to see what we could find.


Sam, used her wonderful hacking skills to open it. The power room lay on the other side. We detached the floating body from the key card. We were more interested at the moment in getting power up and going on the station again. We decided to leave it there for now and come back to it. Sam again used her hacking skills to get the power turned on and had enough water for the fusion reactor to power the place for approximately 5 hours. She failed to power down unnecessary elements on the station.


After the power was back on we were able to open up the command center and walked into a room with a huge heap of dead bodies laying on top of the skybridge shaft. There were three attached room, one of them being a freezer. We opened that and found another array of dead bodies. We searched one dead body and Tucker found 75 credits and pretty much nothing else of use. Sam's getting pretty nervous at this point in time so we decided to move down the A hall and investigate. On door at the end was half broken and could see partially through it. I used my clairvoyance to find out that part of the room was missing. Whoever left last looks like were in a hurry and busted the structure up a bit on the way out. Sam was totally freaked out at this point in time, so we decided she and Thoth would go back to the power room and see what they could find out.


While sam and thoth were doing scans, Tucker and I started opening doors. In one room we found a huge disarray of boxes that were opened but for one powered box. We opened that and found strange looking green bricks made of something we weren't sure what it was. We found an engineering room with lots of tools and an unfinished ship part laying on a bench. After Tucker and I opened several doors and found nothing we finally came to the last two doors close to where our ship was docked. The first box had a war head in it. Tucker went back to get a trolly while I looked around. There were 15 boxes to unlock in this room and the same amount in the next room.


A few minutes later we heard beeping. Thoth freaked and encouraged everyone to leave immediately. we all grabbed one more box on the way off and Tucker was able to get us off the station with no problems. We all looked back to watch and no explosions happened and all we could see was the sky shaft operating before we got out of range to see anything.


Day 1: I'm not sure what the date is, and neither does my ship it seems; or if it does, I don't know how to access it. You would think a Fraal would know these things since they base all of their life developing their minds. Damn it! I wish I was more knowledgeable about these things! But,.. that is why I have a crew, green as they are.


We are on our way to the Procyon system and thought I needed to start a captain's log while I had nothing to do. I need to start acting like a captain little by little, and this is a great place to start. I'm not sure I trust the ship yet to do this because I still hear the whispers. Everyone on the crew thinks I'm crazy, so this log will be done the old fashioned primitive way. I found this blank book when I got on the ship the first time. Can I even trust this? It will be interesting to see if I can remember how to write. The hand is cramping already, but so far so good. I'll adapt.


All of my crew didn't show up, so I decided to move on since supplies are limited. We only have 45 weeks of food for 12 people. However, we only have 4 at the moment so I will put that in my calculations. However, I don't want to take that for granted. I will be very careful about what food we use till I can develop my dream hunting skill further. I can't have all these green crew members figuring they can sit on my damn ship eating my supplies without working for it. I can't help but feel my newly acquired ship through all those bizarre events is living in some sort of way, or at least hosting some sort of intelligence. I just wish I could understand the whispers. I'm almost glad I can't for now, they never stop and it confirms I'm not crazy. I think if I was really crazy, I would understand it because it would be coming from my own mind. .. I think.


We made our way a short distance to the Sirius system, a useless desert of 5 planets and 8 moons. It is like a rusty ancient fuel station in a desert, but has no fuel to sell and you can't help wonder what its purpose is other than the probably crime mentality. I sent the two most personable of the crew to get as much out of the station manager as possible. Sam (Samantha) is a human loose-ended, anti-authority, independent, but confident tech-op type hacker. She's street wise I would think with as little as I know about her, her weird mix of personality traits is all melded together with decent appeal and personality for things like this. I sent Thoth with her since he is a bit more intimidating appearance wise. Thoth is an odd one as well. I still can't used to the faint odd smell he has. However, he's a Sesheyan Tech-op star ship engineer and wise about what we will need to keep this star ship working well... well at least better than I could. Besides, his wings and tail were always hitting something and I just needed to get him out of my ship for a bit. I wonder how he came to the career he is in since it isn't typical for his race. Thoth is always searching for a deeper meaning, seems honorable, and energetically aggressive, all bundled up in a lot of personality. Anyway, he knows more about the mechanical aspect of my ship. But admittedly, he doesn't know how I can make it dimensionally walk or use the disintegration beam. Hell I don't even know how I do it. I just wish it wouldn't drain all my psionic power. After all that is important for a mind-walker mentalist. I will teach him how to use them, but I'm not sure what it will do to him if he does. I'm getting side tracked in all these thoughts. I can't help it I just have this urge to learn about everything and understand it all.


Tucker stayed with me on the ship since he drives it. He's a new pilot but he has a lot more skill than I have in things like this. So we stayed and chatted about the loss of critical crew while the other two went to speak with the station manager to see what opportunities there were for jobs, or where we could get supplies. We were supposed to have a Doctor and an electronics / cybernetics crew member. I wish they had shown up. Tucker only knows a bit of field first aid. So, as of right now, if any of us gets hurt, we are in trouble.


It turns out the station manager "inherited" the station due to the previous station manager's untimely death, which just happened to be in debt for a lot of money to the current one. We better step carefully and not get too involved with these people. She said they needed food supplies and metals for repairs. It makes me wonder how they get the ones they have to survive out here in the middle of nowhere... it really isn't hard to figure that one out.


One thing I noticed along with the others was the looks we got from the people when they saw our ship. Society at large had advanced to PL-6 technology. Anything else was not invented yet supposedly. However, my ship was made from advanced alloys and systems that we estimated approximately at what PL-7 would be. Another mystery and did that mean I was from the future or just the artifact ship? Still yet another mystery. The voices seem loud right now.


As soon as they were back on board and got the update and weighing all our options, I made the decision to go to the Procyon system in hopes that with a more highly populated sector of space, according to the star charts that we could find some jobs to do and acquire supplies.


As soon as our team inspected the hull, computer, and electronics systems finding they were A-ok, we set off for Procyon system. Much to my elated heart, the new pilot made it to the star gate without crashing the ship. The ship would be extremely hard to repair at this point in time since no one has the technology to understand it. However, Thoth is doing his best to do just that.


Day 2- 4

While we are on the way on this 5 day trip to the system, Sam started creating a program; what it is, is anyone's guess but his. I hope it is something that can help us understand this ship in some way. Tucker and Thoth are spending time trying to search the computer system for any kind of information that can help me understand this ship more.


I tried to use my telepathy to see if there was some sort of intelligence about the ship or even had a mind of its own, but i'm young yet and my powers haven't fully developed in that area. I'm more strong in other areas right now but I have noticed improvement in the telepathy slightly. It would have to get better with all these whispers that never seem to stop. It's driving me nuts but I'm learning to quiet them some during times of needed concentration.


Day 5

We have arrived at the Procyon system and we might as well have not come here. There is nothing but gas no atmosphere planets. There is an asteroid belt but after scanning it, we find nothing but small traces of useful metals. The traces aren't worth trying to obtain. After finding this stop is totally useless to us, we decided to scan the near by system of Luyten's Star System for anything preliminary that might be beneficial celestial body wise. The results resulted in little; however, there was a possibility that there was a station there from the scan. As a result, I made the decision to head to the Luyten's Star system. We are preparing for another 5 days of travel.


Day 6-7

We decided to dig into the computer system further and see what we could find. The team found a block of encrypted trash. Somehow Sam and I don't think it's trash, but we don't have the code technology to try and understand it if it isn't corrupt trash. I think it is just something we just don't yet understand just like the rest of the ship and the whispers that only I seem to hear. It's all extremely un-nerving to say the least. I feel like i'm riding in the belly of an intelligence of some sort.


Day 8

Sam finished her program code today, and much to my surprise it's a decryption program. Her skills in the field are still young as mine are in psionics and wasn't able to determine much about the "trash" in the computer system memory blocks. I encouraged her to try again in a few days when she has had time to think about it and perhaps make adjustments. It's like we are a team of self-taught young professionals trying to make it through the vast unknown world we know very little of. I know i'm young but older than I realize somehow. These thoughts on past and future technology and those articles keeps nagging at me. I can't help but wonder what each of my crew's past is. I suppose I will learn a bit as time goes by.


Day 10

We arrived at the system early this morning, everyone is still waking up and getting their bearings. Scans determined that there was indeed a Domed Colony of PL 6 technology with a space port using sky bridge. Tucker set a course to the colony space port; however, in his excitement, he went to the wrong end of the system. After costing us almost half day, we arrived at the station and docked at the B dock. Something isn't right. We can't detect any activity there and no one is hailing communications. After doing some preliminary scans the port has no power on our end and no atmosphere. Something indeed happened that isn't good. I wish I had a more developed post-cognitive skills.


It was decided to bio-lock the ship and all go as a team aboard the space port and investigate.

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